Med. Cannabis barrier; Doctors

I just watched a TV news story ; a NZ man who has been told he has about 6 months to live.. dying of Cancer. He has stated that the biggest barrier to getting Medical Cannabis (to relief his chemo etc.), is the Doctors. He currently takes opiates & other medication, that have many side effects. He was told cannabis does not have these problems & will not harm him.. but his oncologist, reportedly just said “NO”; it’s just too hard !

A medical cannabis ‘expert’ doctor, said there is a lot of paper work to do.. but of 95 applications submitted in 2017, only 3 were denied. The biggest issue seems to be, that doctors in Aotearoa/NZ are mostly unwilling to prescribe it.

There seems to be a lack of knowledge & support by the medical profession for the use of cannabis. And people wonder why NZ has fallen to the back of the pack on this issue.. or is there another agenda at work here.. ‘Big Pharma’ ? 😦

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Israel Medical ‘franchises’

I read that a Medicinal cannabis company in Israel is intending to license cultivation to other countries; ‘Franchise’. Here is a flavour of the details:

‘Israeli medical cannabis company Globus Pharma has signed a binding cooperation agreement with Together (TASE: TGTR), which specializes in growing and producing medical cannabis in Israel and exporting its products to international markets. As part of the agreement, Globus Pharma will build and operate a complex of greenhouses for growing, marketing and exporting up to about 60 tons annually of medical cannabis and its products in an area of up to 25 acres in a foreign country. Under the terms of the agreement, Together will hold 51% of the partnership, and the foreign company, which owns the permits and licenses from the relevant authorities for growing, producing, exporting and marketing cannabis will hold 49% of the partnership. A detailed agreement will be signed within 60 days.’

‘The companies intend building and operating the greenhouses as soon as possible so that the first crop will be harvested in the first quarter of 2019. For this to happen, the partnership will work to complete building the greenhouses no later than six months after the signing of the detailed agreement. In the first stage, the annual yield of cannabis will be about 15 tons and this will be gradually increased to 60 tons according to marketing and distribution agreements with strategic enterprises.’

‘Globus Pharma Founding Partner Nissim Bracha said, “We are realizing the company’s business strategy by establishing an international agro-technology company. The agreement to build a major complex of greenhouses in a foreign country lays the infrastructure for creating revenue outside of Israel and without dependence on the government’s approval of exports. I am convinced that creating cash flow from abroad will lead to diversifying the company’s sources of income.”

‘He added, “It is our intention to manage the operations abroad through our own managers who are familiar with the foreign country while relying on the company’s farming experts that have many years of experience in growing, enhancing and harvesting medical cannabis products. We believe that producing cannabis products in countries with climate, cost and labor advantages, available water and land will improve profitability for every gram of medical cannabis sold, while creating major value for the company’s shareholders.”

* Maybe if the ‘power brokers’ in Aotearoa/NZ are so TERRIFIED of allowing local cannabis production.. maybe this is something they could consider; either taking on a ‘franchise’ OR just importing Medicinal extracts/buds, from this kind of source ?

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Synthetic bill feedback

I have been listening to & watching commentators on the passing of the 1st reading of the ‘tougher penalties for dealing synthetics’ bill, that was in NZ parliament yesterday. Almost without exception; they all say, it is the WRONG approach & it is just perpetuating the WAR on Drugs stereotypical responses to ‘illegal drugs’. Here are a few issues raised:

1) former Assoc. Health minister (resp. Drug policy) said that (paraphrased) ‘The prohibition has just driven these drugs underground & they are now in the hands of org. crime’ alongside cannabis, meth/P etc. The original Psychoactive substance act, was about legally regulating these ‘synthetics’ & ‘party pills’ etc. BUT it resulted in a public backlash (similar to the current hysteria around cannabis in NZ) that saw them outlawed. This new bill has just made it worse, by increasing the possible prison time to 8 years, for dealing/supply

2) A lawyer said the War on Drugs is proven failure & this bill just adds to this misinfo.

3) A media commentator said that ‘If the War on Drugs was working as, they claim.. we would not be still talking about these issues after 40+ years since Nixon started it’. He went on to say his parents were also saying the same things, a generation ago.

4) A teacher, who works with ‘troubled youth’ said that this punitive approach is doing nothing to address the underlying reasons for drug use & addiction. It is a populist political stunt, designed to whip up the public attitude against; DRUGS.
He said education, treatment & health care is the better option than Prohibition.. but we are still stuck with this zero-tolerance attitude

5) Alcohol is by far the more harmful ‘legal drug’; (about 1000 deaths /year in NZ) & yet nothing is done to further regulate or restrict its use. As one person said “we know this, but most ‘dont even bat an eyelids’; esp. those who are receiving financial sponsorship from ‘Big Alcohol’..” 😦

Not once though.. did anyone mention the ‘Elephant in the room’; It is the ZERO-tolerance attitude to Natural Cannabis in Aotearoa/NZ that has brought these drugs to the ‘market’. Many have said that IF they regulated Cannabis (aka ‘Marijuana’) then most would likely not bother with ‘synthetics’. I have heard comments that it is the workplace drug testing that has also made some move from natural cannabis to these MORE harmful synthetics.. they mainly only test for Cannabis.

Again; it just proves the misinformation & double standards that are occurring in this country; around illegal DRUG use

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Synthetic dealing bill 1st reading

I just watched the 1st reading of the ‘Psychoactive substances (Increase penalty for supply/distribution) amendment bill’ in NZ Parliament.
It was introduced by the main opposition party, as a Private members bill & passed with the support of a Govt. coalition party, who also voted against the Green party Med. Cannabis bill recently. It will now proceed to the Justice select committee, for public submission. I heard these issues raised:

1) Unlike natural cannabis (no recorded deaths), ‘synthetic cannabis’ has seen about 20 deaths, in Aotearoa/NZ in the passed year.

2) These synthetic drugs were legally regulated in 2013 & for a while were sold legally, until a public outcry, saw the law amended. BUT rather than just add these drugs to the ‘Misuse of Drugs act’ it was just legislated to bring the drugs into similar line.

3) Under the MODA 1975, Class C drugs (inc. natural cannabis) can see dealers/suppliers go to jail for up to 8 years. Under the other act, it was only 2 years. This bill brings them to the same 8 year term

4) This bill will just add, these drugs to the ‘prohibitionist’ WAR on Drugs/Zero tolerance, that is still raging in Aotearoa/NaZi

5) The ‘Elephant in the room’ is still; WHY don’t they legally regulate natural cannabis ?
* which would likely see these synthetic drugs almost disappear, according to many commentators/experts.

6) The current Govt. are talking about a total review of the whole issue of; Mental health, Addiction & other associated issues this year, which may see this kind of law become redundant. The current act has a 5 year review period which coincides with this review.

7) The bill only covers supply/distribution & does no include, manufacture & importation of the precursors used in these Synthetics.. why ?

Whilst many people, obviously see the WAR on Drugs as the only viable way to ‘deal with drugs’.. this is being seen by increasing numbers as a failed experiment ie ‘Flogging a dead Horse’. Unfortunately the passage of this bill just adds to this tired/outdated prohibitionist mentality; ‘lock ’em all up’.. SHAME 😦

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10 years on

I was watching some old footage (on youtube) of NZ cannabis protests in 2008, with ‘Maryjane the Cannabus’ & her merry crowd of ‘Daktivists’.. then one day you find 10 years have got behind you.. nothing has really changed !

The protesters drove around Aotearoa/NZ & partook in the towns & cities, as they went. I saw the footage of them, at the bottom of the South Island in Invercargill. The mayor (who is still in the job, NNM) was one of NZs most famous/infamous stoners & even stood for ALCP (Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party) in 1996. During the footage, about 8-10 cops showed up & tried to shut it down. The ‘head cop’ said he would be invoking a ‘warrantless search’ clause to search ‘Maryjane’ to which there was much booing & hissing from the protesters & a large group of locals who had joined in. The lead protester said they had traveled the country without incident & had come all the way (with an invitation) to have a smoke with the Mayor.

At this point the Police, wisely decided that it was a waste of their time & resources (after being reminded, that was likely real crime to solve) & got in their vehicles & departed to much applause & cheers !

BUT; as I say 10 years on.. nothing has really changed, here in Aotearoa/NaZi.. the cops are still ‘doing their jobs’; ENFORCING PROHIBITION & ripping out cannabis plants, all over, whilst Meth/P & synthetics become more widely available.

Definition of INSANITY; repeat something over & over & expect a different outcome.. & the Cops still do it.. whose crazy ?

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Submission close today

As I’ve mentioned a few times.. the NZ Govt. Medicinal Cannabis amendment bill, is before the Health Select Committee, for public submissions. I believe it closes today at 3pm !

Whilst this bill falls very short, of what many in the ‘reform movement’ were hoping for, it does have a few minor steps forward/changes.
Any kiwis who want to see us move beyond the status quo, should have submitted by now.. even if it was just a broad statement saying “I want more than the Prohibitive/Zero-tolerance Status Quo approach” or similar

“Nga Mihinui” (big greetings) to all who have submitted & all those who do support this long overdue reform; that has already occurred in many other countries.

What do we want ? Democracy/law reform
When do we want it ? NOW !!

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USA opioids in NZ

I just saw a brief TV news item.. the powerful opioid; ‘Fentanyl’ has arrived in Aotearoa/NZ. I have heard that this drug has caused many overdoses, esp. in USA, because many users thought it was similar in strength to ‘Oxycontin’ or street heroin. BUT the word is it is up to 100 times stronger.

The news item said that, at a ‘pill testing station’ set up at a music festival, to test the contents, they found Fentanyl amongst the pills being submitted.

SO; not only do we now have a ‘Cannabis drought’ due to the overzealous actions of Police.. but it seems we may soon join USA with a ‘opioid crisis’ ?
This comes on top of news that Meth/P & ‘Synthetic cannabis’ are now much more available on the streets of Aotearoa/NZ than the natural herb !

What happened to the message, that the WAR on Drugs (spec. Cannabis) is about reducing harm.. we are now moving in the opposite direction

btw; just to reaffirm.. Cannabis is a Class C drug (less harmful).. these others are mostly Class A. There is a difference, although listening to Police & other prohibitionists/zero-tolerance advocates, there is NO difference, they are ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS, to be stamped out at any cost to ‘We the People’

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