Rest Pussy

I just heard that Ms Honor Blackman has passed age 84

If her name is unfamiliar; she was one of the early ‘Bond Girlz’
> aka ‘Pussy Galour’

Rest sweet Pussy.. one real ‘good sort’ 🙂

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other outcomes

I recently wrote about the reported increase in; Covid-related cannabis use (largely increased) in countries/states where it is legal/decrim’d… this is apparently due to those in ‘lockdown’ using the drug to relieve boredom/makes movies & video games better (?) We can all likely relate..

BUT I heard of other outcomes.. here in Aotearoa/NZ where ‘de ‘erb’ is still ‘officially Illegal’:

1) the media applauding, because Meth/p dealers are not as ‘out & about’ as much & use rates may have actually declined, without extra cops

2) BUT; this has also affected the cannabis supply.. we cannot just stroll to the local ‘bud-tender’ or coffeeshop & pickup a ‘baggie’ or two 😦
> as youz in Colorado, Canberra, B.C. (Canada) & Amsterdam can 🙂

3) alcohol use.. still available/sold in supermarkets (beer/wine) & special licensed outlets (spirits too).. LEGAL, has Increased & family violence has matched this too, reportedly

*whilst some may think, these are all BAD things & this should be supported; IF #2 was not true.. then #3 would likely not be either ? :/

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other things happening

look out there’s a nasty bug about.. isolation of everyone & all other issues too.. 🙂

btw: ‘Make It Legal NZ’ is starting to ‘move’ now

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more from the frontlines

I read a couple of interesting issues (press releases).. in light of Covid19/corona virus:

1) Reeferendum; Aotearoa/NZ

‘The majority of people would now vote to legalise recreational cannabis use, a new poll paid for by a medicinal cannabis research company indicates.’

‘The survey of just under 2000 people conducted by Horizon Research found 54 per cent would vote “yes” in the upcoming referendum on legalising recreational cannabis use.’

‘There was strong agreement that current cannabis controls simply weren’t working.’

“Kiwis have clearly spoken. They are unified in their belief that prohibition is failing, and controls would be preferable,” said (name removed), chief executive of Helius Therapeutics.

2) Marijuana sales up 50% in New York City amid coronavirus pandemic, dealer says

‘The city has gone to pot. Marijuana, that is.’

‘Since the coronavirus hit, sales of marijuana have gone through the roof in both the United States and Canada.’

‘Between March 16 and 22, sales of recreational cannabis rose by 50 percent across states including California, Colorado and Oregon, while medical marijuana sales jumped 41 percent from the same period a year ago.’

* one thing is certain; it seems to help relieve the boredom, of ‘self isolation’ & it does not give a screaming hangover.. like too much booze :/

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Great info. from ALCP

I’m just ‘sharing’ this link from the ‘Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party’ website site. It says it is targeted at the 70% (?) of kiwis who may vote ‘YES’ in the upcoming Reeferendum (NZ General Election 19/9/20) BUT also those who may vote ‘no’, to perhaps convince them of the ‘error of their ways’

“Kia Kaha ALCP” & all other activists/advocates.. keep up the brilliant mahi/work; “Ka Mau te Wehi” (AWESOME !) 🙂

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what would Helen say

There was a slogan asking this.. it was actually about Helen K (RIP) who was a champion on Med-use in her final days (Cancer)
> BUT now I see that our ex-PM (Helen C) has taken up the broader issue:

Reasons to vote YES in the Reeferendum on 19/9/20 (NZ General Election/R-day)
.. a bit of light reading 🙂

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Life of Mr green

There is still wide debate about the mental health issues around cannabis use… I don’t really have a definitive opinion, I have heard that some folks DO, have negative reactions to it.. as do some with Alcohol, Tobacco & other drugs
One I have used a few times.. that is even more likely to answer “YES” to the question; see attached, from BBC

Long may he go on… playing guitar 🙂

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