Hemp CAN save the world

I have been hearing a lot about ‘Climate Change concerns’ & how best to mitigate the ‘possible effects’; melting glaciers & sea level rise.. I & others have heard the words of the great man; Jack Herer RIP who stated that “Hemp can save the world”

If Govts. are serious about reducing reliance on Fossil fuels, then they should start NOW.. Plant the Cannabis/Hemp plant in vast quantities, as it once was ! It can be used for:

1) Biofuels

2) biodegradable plastics

3) Paper (without using vast amounts of chemicals, as with current woodchips)

4) eco-friendly textiles.. opposed to Cotton

5) many other things too…

Hemp takes in/recycles large amounts of CO2 as it grows & could start to reduce current levels, now passed 400ppm.. & still rising !

So folks, if possible.. Yell it from the rooftops OR at least talk to as many as possible & stop the likes of Mr Trump, telling lies about increasing the use of these pollutants (as if it makes no difference), that are having huge effects on not just the climate, but the very soil, air & water that WE/all living things rely on, just to exist on planet Earth: aka ‘Papatuanuku’ (Mother Earth)

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Open letter on Med-use

I read that a group of Medicinal cannabis users have signed an open letter, to the new Prime Minister of NZ & the Health Minister. Here is a flavour of the text:

‘We are medicinal cannabis users and their care providers. Many of us have been forced into living as criminals in order to meet ours or others’ health needs. Too many of us have been subjected to police action and prosecution. Those few of us accessing cannabis legally have faced unacceptably high financial costs.’

‘We request that you urgently pass real reform which immediately benefits us, our families and the many thousands of other New Zealanders who use cannabis as a medicine.’

Therefore, we request:

Affordable cannabis to be produced in New Zealand, with both natural cannabis flower and cannabis-derived products commercially available to patients. To keep it affordable and accessible, cannabis needs to be treated as a specially regulated herbal product, as it is in other medicinal cannabis countries, rather than treating it as a highly restricted pharmaceutical drug.’

‘Legal personal cultivation licences for all patients who receive a doctor’s recommendation. Comparable jurisdictions such as Canada and the US allow patients and their caregivers to cultivate their own cannabis within a regulated regime. This is the most affordable way for most of us to access our medicine, and we see it as a basic human right.’

‘Political tinkering that only allows for expensive products, only helps some patients, or forces us to continue to wait for legal access, is not enough.’

** I agree 100% with these comments & most of the rest of the letter. Hopefully it will pass 1st reading (unlike the last in 2009); that was voted down by the previous Govt. If it does pass this first stage it will then be referred for Public submissions; I need to get my own draft submission ready 🙂

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Medicinal reform now under review

I read that the new NZ coalition Govt. is reviewing the Medicinal Cannabis bill (drawn & due 1st reading). It seems that two of the three Govt. parties is hesitant to allow patients to ‘grow their own medicine’ as was recommended, by the Green party. I read these statements in the press release:

‘The Labour-led Government will act on making medical cannabis more accessible next week.’
‘But instead of supporting an existing Bill in the House, the Government will introduce its own legislation.’

‘Labour campaigned on making medicinal cannabis available for people with terminal illness or in chronic pain, promising to introduce the legislation within its first 100 days in Government.’

‘The Greens Bill would make it legal for people suffering a terminal illness or debilitating condition “to use cannabis or cannabis products with the support of a registered medical practitioner”.’

‘It would also allow people with terminal illness to grow their own cannabis – which may have been a step too far for Labour and coalition partner NZ First.’

“I think there’s almost a bit of discomfort within Labour around some of the effects in the Greens Bill, including the ability to grow their own,” (NZ Drug Foundation spokesperson) told (the media)

‘(spokesperson) said doctors could be reluctant to prescribe raw plants, and making it easier to import cannabis product from Canada and the Netherlands would be an important step.’

‘He said it was unlikely the Bill will go as far as to allow compassionate access, directing police to turn a blind eye to people on a list of medical cannabis users.’ (OR maybe provide a med-user card)

‘But he said Labour is the party of trade unionist (activist/union boss RIP), who fought to allow access to cannabis for medical reasons.’

*It seems a little strange that they are now ‘umming & ahhing’ about whether to allow terminally ill patients to use the raw drug, to get pain relief.. probably because of fear-mongering that they could sell some to friends (or black-market ) ?
** The politicians in Aotearoa/NZ need to just get past the misinformation & allow sick people who can get relief, to use this medicinal herb, as in many other OECD countries, we compare ourselves to, on many other issues.

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I was riding the bus to town yesterday, I struck up a conversation with a guy, who also agreed that cannabis is his preferred ‘drug of choice’ BUT due to the current law.. was often out & about, meeting up with folks like me, ‘trying to score’. (wanted to know if I had any or could get some, to which I replied “NO” to both) We discussed the upcoming issues, that have come to light, due to the recent change of Govt. in Aotearoa/NZ:

1) Medicinal cannabis bill, due to be debated in parliament in the next few months

2) the proposed Referendum, on Recreational use.. before next general election

He was quite a bit younger than me & seemed interested in my story about spending a week in Amsterdam, about a decade ago.
BUT he seemed a bit disappointed to hear that the Dutch are ‘totally over the whole issue’ It is no longer a novelty or a fascination (due to its legal status) with most. I told him that;

3) most kiwis still make a big deal about it, because it’s still illegal/’naughty’ law breaking etc.

4) most people I met in the Dutch ‘Coffeeshops’ were foreign tourists. I hardly saw any Dutch people in them.

I told him that IF the laws in Aotearoa/NZ are changed, there will likely be a similar thing here; a spike in use until the novelty wears off & then, as in other OECD countries.. the use rates could well drop. I don’t think he actually believed me, BUT I have seen the alternative to zero-tolerance/prohibition, that we still have, here & know the difference !

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Spam or not ?

“Kia ora (Hi) to all readers/followers of ETDWNZ”
I’ve mentioned this before.. I get the occasional response to my posts, but also quite a few (often marked ‘spam’) That just say things like ‘Good site’ or ‘Nice setup’ or even ‘interesting info.’. BUT unless they have actual chat about what I’ve written, I will not post them. I have heard that ‘Bots’ are trolling & trying to upload virus’ etc. etc.

I always look forward to receiving & reading your feedback, but not B-S & SPAM.

“Tena koutou katoa” (cheers Y’all)

Zedd In Aotearoa/NZ
Hope the War will be over SOON 🙂

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There are 2 issues

I was reading a couple of posts on another blog (YourNZ) about recent issues around medicinal cannabis in Aotearoa/NZ. Whilst NZ has really fallen to the ‘back of the pack’ in the OECD on cannabis reform, it does seem that we are slowly coming to terms with the reality, that the WAR on Drug (esp. Cannabis) has failed to achieve the stated outcomes; to stop drug abuse ?
The reality is that it has just created a division in society & a huge unregulated Black-market.. just as Alcohol prohibition in 1920s USA did.

BUT apart from this.. there are two clear issues around the Cannabis law reform debate, that after reading this blog, many kiwis obviously, still do not seem to have gotten their heads around:

1) Genuine Medicinal/Therapeutic use; Cannabis

2) Personal, recreational use; ‘Marijuana’

I put a comment, that many ‘just cant see the cannabis for the weed’. Meaning that, medicinal cannabis needs to be kept separate from the recreational use of ‘Marijuana’. This is further made clear when people use words like ‘Medical Marijuana’ (using a slang name in a medical context); ‘muddying the waters’ of any rational debate

One person (a med-use advocate, who runs a charity in NZ) said he would ‘burn down’ the recreational industry to get medicinal use reform passed ! (paraphrased). I replied that there was a time that I strongly disagreed, but I do agree that the two issues do need to be kept separate & that medicinal use should be given the clear priority. I went on to say that the War on Drugs has just created more harm in society & also needs to be brought to an end ASAP.

The Green party’s Medicinal use reform bill. is due for 1st reading in the next few months, in parliament & hopefully will see REAL law reform finally move forward (not just a couple of overpriced ‘Big-Pharma’ products).. that we only currently have. :/

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Synthetic awareness

I read that a motorcycle gang in Aotearoa/NZ has organised a ride to highlight the recent harm caused by use of ‘Synthetic Cannabis’. Reports show that about 20 people have died this year from using these drugs. In contrast, there are no official death statistics, relating to use of natural herb/Cannabis. The news release states:

‘This weekend’s Pathetic Synthetic Motorcycle Ride is the brainchild of (name removed), a member of the (North Island)-based motorcycle club Tribal Nations.’

‘(He) was on his way to work when he came across a woman in a carpark. Her eyes had rolled back into her head and she was frothing at the mouth. She’d taken synthetic cannabis.’

“When I saw that woman, I personally believed she was having a stroke or going through an episode of some sort,” (He) said.

‘As he tried to help her, he looked beside her and saw the synthetic cannabis.’

“I was absolutely gutted. Here was a woman in the middle of her 40s and life had got to the point where she managed to get hold of some cheap, readily available garbage … I don’t get it, I really don’t.’

‘Synthetic drugs have been linked to around 20 deaths this year nationwide.’

“It’s up and down the country and I feel obligated and drawn to do something.”

“I understand there is a drug problem in New Zealand and there is nothing we can do to eliminate the drug society, but when it gets to this stage, where it is killing our young, old – all of our people – something has to be said or done.”

‘There is a charge of $10 to participate, with all proceeds going to St John.’

“They are the soldiers who are on the frontline picking up the pieces and dealing with the effects of this drug on our youth.”

“I firmly believe they are underrated and anything we can raise will be worthwhile.”

“The plan on Saturday is to roll in, generate some noise and attention and have as many people as possible hear our message.”

*It’s fascinating that until recently, many (esp. in the media) seem to be suggesting that Synthetic drugs that mimic the effects of natural cannabis, are effectively the same thing. It was not until quite a number of cases were reported, showing people being rushed to hospital A&E depts. or even dying, that it was highlighted that they are not the same. I actually think this could have been the trigger for the recent announcement of an upcoming referendum (before 2020 election) on possible Cannabis reform ? :/

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