NZ Reeferendum maybe next year ?

I read that the ‘reeferendum’ on cannabis reform (rec-use) that was promised, to be held; on or before the next NZ General election (2020) maybe moved to next year. Here are some points from the press release:

‘New Zealanders may get to vote on legalising marijuana next year.’

‘The government is currently debating whether to hold the referendum in 2019 because it’s not sure holding it at the 2020 General Election would be a smart move politically.’

‘The referendum on legalising marijuana was part of the confidence and supply deal struck between Labour and the Greens – although (Leader of the other coalition party/NZF) backs one too.’

‘Justice Minister (name removed) said the government’s contemplating holding it next year, rather than in 2020.’

“We need to make sure there is good public information out there, good events for people to express their views, so that would dictate a timing that would be no earlier that late 2019.”

“The critical question is going to be, what is the question to go to the electorate with, one that makes sense and gives a meaningful answer and gives a mandate if it is approved to proceed with further work…. ”

‘Drug Foundation executive director (name removed) agreed the question was key.’

‘Green MP (name removed, drug policy spokesperson) said other aspects of how the referendum will be run are still being hammered out too.’

“The first thing we have to consider is whether we put legislation before the House first which will then be triggered by whatever the threshold may be of that referendum turn out.”

“We’re still working through that, so we’re working with other government parties and inside our own caucus to discern what the best course of action will be,” (Green MP/spokesperson) said.

* I and others; in the ‘reform movement’ have also stated, that running this ‘reeferendum’ at the time of the next election, is NOT ideal. It could well be sidelined, in the midst of all the politicking. IF the result is a clear ‘YES’ to further reform, then this also relies upon this new Govt. being re-elected (no guarantee, just fingers crossed) in 2020.. because the current main opposition party, made it clear (when they were in Govt. last 9 years) that recreational use of cannabis/MJ is NOT on their agenda in any forseeable future !

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echoes of Anslinger

I just watched a brief news item, about the recent school shooting in USA.. there is real confusion, as to why this 17-year-old young man, did such a thing;
They showed an ‘ex-General’.. now NRA spokesperson (not mentioning his name) who stated (paraphrased) ‘many grow up in a culture of violence…. & DRUGS.. that could well contribute..’

This just sounds like an echo of; USA 1st Drug Czar’s (H J Anslinger) infamous statements that ‘MARIHUANA is the most violence causing substance known to mankind’ etc. etc.

I thought that rational minds were prevailing.. BUT it sounds like ‘old habits.. do in fact.. die hard’ with some folks, on this issue ?!

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frontlines news

I watched some news items this evening, from the frontlines; about recent cannabis reforms:

1) The first medicinal cannabis dispensary has opened in South Africa. They are currently only using & supplying oils & tinctures. They said that whilst the recreational herb, is still illegal, the laws do seem to be, becoming ‘more relaxed’. They showed footage of a recent celebration of Bob Marley’s birthday (Durban ?). The police were present & people were openly inhaling, but no arrests 🙂

2) They started with footage of NZ Police ripping out large cannabis/MJ crops.. BUT; it seems that medicinal cannabis could be about to ‘go mainstream’ here in Aotearoa/NZ. They then, showed footage of ‘Hikurangi Enterprises’ (who I have mentioned in previous posts) who are branching out from legal hemp, to medicinal (CBD) oil trials. They also interviewed a businessman, who is about to setup a medicinal company too (in a ‘secret location’; Auckland ?). They showed a huge warehouse (larger than a rugby sports field) that he said they intend to turn into a growing facility; 1000s of cannabis plants… just waiting for the final approvals. He said that there is no way the business can fail. He said that the plant needs to be ‘rebranded’; Medicinal Cannabis (not ‘Marijuana’)

3) they showed a restaurant that was using a ‘special ingredient’ in their new menu; hemp seeds/oil. There has been a recent law change, that approved ‘low-THC’ seeds to be pressed into oil & used, similar to other seeds in cooking. It is high in proteins & omega acids… but wont get you ‘high’

They closed by asking the managers of Hikurangi & the proposed ‘new business’ (mentioned above), whether they would branch out into recreational use ? Both said it was not on their current agenda, but if there is further reforms, after the promised referendum (2020) then it was something to consider.. :/

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following the money

I watched a TV lecture by a food specialist, that points to similar issues around the ban on ‘drugs’ (esp. cannabis);

The CEO of a large food company in USA, was looking for information, to further bolster their products sales. A researcher, did a study of Four basic items fed to rats, to look at how it affected their health & lifespan:

1) the rat was fed only mixed grains

2) the rat was fed ‘chemical food supplements’; proteins, fats etc.

3) the rat was fed white sugar

4) the rat was fed wheat (the main ingredient in the companies products)

All the rats were provided with water & a similar living environment. The researcher found the following:

1) lived about 1 year

2) lived a couple of months

3) lived about one month

4) lived only about 2 weeks

The lecturer stated, that the researcher was told, to destroy his research & never mention it again. He reportedly left the company & set up his own company. The company that makes these mainly wheat-based products, is one of USAs biggest food companies & its CEO reportedly earns more than the CEOs of Coca-Cola, McDonalds & Starbucks etc.

This reminded me of the stories about the companies that conspired to get rid of Cannabis/Hemp by deliberately lying about their products & trying to hide the truth about their competition; Hemp

Also the fact, that many studies & reports, have been done into cannabis & its effects. Only those that ‘proved’ it was harmful were promoted, all the rest, were dumped (until more recent times) eg. LaGuardia (NY marihuana study) 1944 & The Shafer Commission (1972) under Nixon

‘Follow the Money‘ 😦

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New CannaFlag

I read that a region in Estonia (Kanepi) has adopted a new flag, with a Cannabis leaf on it ! it looks similar to the ‘Canada-Pot flag’ (they replaced the maple leaf) but in green 🙂

This region reportedly grew & processed Cannabis/Hemp into cloth, oil & rope, for over 150 years, prior to the current regime.
‘Drugs’ are illegal to sell in Estonia, but possession/use of small amount of ‘Marijuana’ is a misdemeanour punishable with a fine

What would you expect in a country called ‘eSTONIA’ 😀

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prison muster spike

I keep hearing that the NZ prison population is at an all time HIGH.. that this new Govt. have declared they intend to cut the muster.. BUT today I see a graph of stats.

1) in 2000 (start) there were about 5,700 inmates.. in NZ prisons (over 50% indigenous Maori/Pacifika)
2) there was a pronounced rise until 2005.. when it reached about 7,500
3) from 2005 to 2015.. the increase seems to have flattened out.. 8,500
4) BUT between 2015 to 2017 (end of graph) there does seem to be another sharp rise to about 10,500.. ALL NZ prisons are reportedly at bursting point

I hear that this was mostly due to a law change that has seen more people ‘remanded in custody‘ until sentencing. They do say that ‘Drug offences’ have reduced, esp. those being locked up (spec. cannabis).. BUT I also hear that at anytime; there are about 1,000 prison inmates in jail, on ‘minor drug offences’ (or reoffending) likely, majority are for cannabis. SURELY if they do want to reduce numbers & avoid building another prison (as is widely being discussed) they could just STOP locking up these folks, who are considered ‘minor offenders’. The stats. still show that per capita, Aotearoa/NZ has amongst the highest incarceration rates in the world. “NOT something we should be Proud of….” sez I 😦

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Brain relief ?

I read a research study, is finding that cannabis is improving the brain function in mice.. could be a way to help Alzheimers etc. in humans ?

‘Elderly people should smoke POT to prevent memory loss, study claims: Cannabis revived brains of old mice – and could do the same in humans’

*A study by researchers in Germany found THC in cannabis slowed memory loss*
*Old mice regained their speed of memory and learning after consuming pot *
*The researchers are set to start human trials this year using the drug, just 2 months after Germany legalized medical marijuana*
*It comes as countries around the world race to understand the drug as medicine *

‘Cannabis could help prevent memory loss in the elderly, a new study has found.’

‘Researchers in Germany, who are set to begin human trials later this year, say the drug may even help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by slowing the brain’s natural ageing process.’

‘The mental power of older mice improved dramatically after they were given THC, the psychoactive part of marijuana that makes users ‘high’.’

‘In fact, their brain connections in the hippocampus – which controls learning, memory and emotions – were firing as well as those of young adults.’

‘It’s hoped the same may apply to humans, with trials expected to begin this year.’

‘THC treatment for 28 days restored the learning and memory performance of mature and old animals in the water maze, novel object location recognition and social recognition tests to the levels observed in young mice.’

‘But they offer hope that drugs based on cannabis or THC could be given to middle or old aged people.’

* methinks; maybe the old tired NZ politicians, who are most opposed to cannabis reform.. should try some of this ‘medicine’ ?

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