for the fallen

Today.. is ANZAC day; when the people of Australia & Aotearoa/NZ remember the fallen in the field, of many Wars: NZ wars (19th Century), WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam & more recently in places such as, Timor & Afghanistan etc.

BUT also.. on this day I pay tribute, to ALL those who have suffered & even died in the Global ‘WAR on DRUGS !’ 😦

“They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old, age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn… at the going down of the sun & in the morning, We will remember them.. Lest we forget !”

“Maumahara tatou ki a ratou” (we will remember them)

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Another NZ Med-Cannabis Company

I read that a fourth medicinal cannabis company, has received their license to begin cultivating & producing products in Aotearoa/NZ. Here are some details, from a press release:

‘(the Company) will establish its base in Taupō (central North Island) later this year after becoming the fourth company to receive a licence from the Ministry of Health to cultivate cannabis plants.’

‘It’s only the second to receive permission to grow high THC cultivars for research in what is projected globally to be an $11 billion medical cannabis industry by 2022.’

‘(the Company) chief operating officer, and Taupō local (name removed), said initially 100 jobs would be created but could grow to more than 250 if developments in the legislative environment opened up new markets in the natural health and personal care product markets.’

‘(name removed), who is also chief executive, said obtaining a licence enabled the company to move into the research and development stage, commence the design phase for its new, state-of-the-art good manufacturing practice medical cannabis facility, carry out initial recruitment, and initiate its medical cannabis education programme.’

“This is a complex, rapidly evolving new industry that doesn’t even have a regulatory framework yet, but we have already seen the failure of several New Zealand start-ups before they’ve got out of the starting blocks.”

‘(the company) aims to have its first products on the market by the end of 2020.’

*Interestingly.. the Chair of the company’s advisory board, is the ex-Assoc. Health Minister (resp. Drug Policy) in the previous ‘centre-Right’ Govt. It was under his watch that ‘Synthetic cannabinoids’ were given the Green-light, BUT the natural herb, was rejected for regulation; deemed to be ‘not likely to meet the Low-Risk category‘. It seems that he has, now done a 180-degree turn, since leaving parliament ! :/

As I said in a previous post; It seems that ‘Big Cannabis’ maybe on the horizon.. could this effectively shutdown/stifle other small-scale, local ‘cottage industry’ plans ? I for one, hope NOT ! 😦

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shock poll result ?

I read that a ‘christian-right’ group, have commissioned a ‘independent poll’ on cannabis.. the results reportedly state that only 18% of kiwis support ‘lifting restrictions on recreational use’. The poll has these questions:

1) If Cannabis was less restricted, what would happen to use ? 49% Increase 6% Decrease 35% remain same 10% unsure/refused to answer
It then goes into breaking the figure down by: M/F, age, socio-economic & other demographics etc.

2) Are Tobacco companies pushing for Cannabis legalisation ? 22% Yes, 36% No, 42% unsure/refused
Also broken into similar demographic groups. This question is Totally Irrelevant (IMHO) to Cannabis reform !

3) Does cannabis damage brains, of young people, under 25 yrs ? 85% Y, 6% N, 9% unsure/refused

4) Impact of cannabis use by drivers on accidents ? 81% more likely, 4% less likely, 4% no diff., 10% unsure/refused

5) Impact of <25 yrs on getting a job ? 4% more likely, 63% less likely, 20% no diff., 13% unsure/refused

6) View on Cannabis ? 7% current restrictions remain, 65% lift restriction on Med-use only, 18% lift restriction Rec-use, 10% unsure/refused

It says, margin of error 3.1%

* The only questions/comments I would make:
a) who were the 'targets' of this poll: general public OR 'selected others' ?
b) do they really think that Law reform will extend to, legal use by everyone/anyone ? obviously there will be age restrictions.
Currently the Black-market will sell to anyone with Cash-in-hand, even children
c) do they really think that it will be legal to 'drive-high' ?
Many current 'stoners' likely already do, so will it increased Massively, as they suggest ? Overseas stats. reportedly, do not support this
d) obviously law reform focus will be on: Education & ensuring that people with 'Drug dependence' get help, not just 'Lock 'em up boys'.
What do they really think, law reform will do ?
e) If only 7% support 'status quo' (as the poll suggests) then, it looks like the rest of the stats. are deliberately 'skewing' the results to, make it look like only 18% of all kiwis, want laws on 'recreational use' to relaxed/amended.
f) I don't see a question 'Do you support both Medicinal/therapeutic & Recreational use (R18+) reforms ?'

*As has been clearly said (ad nauseum): You can collect data & manipulate/present it, in many different ways.. even in such a way, as to make it look like, it says the total opposite, to the 'widely accepted' reality OR are they really.. just trying to: add to the 'Moral PANIC' that they want to continue !?

**Many other recent polls, show that about 67%+ (two-thirds) of 'kiwis' would like to see the ADULT personal use of Cannabis to be, at least 'decriminalised' & perhaps even made Legal/regulated in some fashion (still to be finally decided). The biggest barrier (IMHO) to the 'Reeferendum'.. is perhaps: Apathy/lack of voter turnout !!? :/

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Conclusion to Harvest Festival 2019

I just watched this short clip, posted/shared from the ALCP site:

Says it all.. made me feel a little jealous, that I didn’t actually make the trip down :/

“Kia ora/Kia Kaha; Richard, Wh. Maki & all the Herby-folks involved” might see youz again in 2020 🙂

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out of the shadows

I have been keeping an eye, on some of the events of 420-weekend 2019/Harvest-Fest.. one thing is clear, Cannabis is finally emerging from the shadows & into the ‘mainstream’. Something else seems to becoming, also clear; the sidelining of the ‘Cannabis Activists/Advocates’ & the rise of ‘Canna-preneurs’. It seems that with the passage of a medicinal cannabis bill (end of 2018) & now ‘Reeferendum 2020’, on the horizon.. we could be seeing ‘Big Cannabis inc.’ entering the scene ?

As a person who has dipped my toes into ‘Canna-politics’ & has kept a close eye, on many of the changes occurring.. I wonder, is this what ‘the herby-folks’ of Aotearoa/NZ really want ?
If NOT.. then maybe its time to “Just say NO.. to Canna-Corp. !” & ‘Yes to cottage industries’ & the local canna-preneurs

This song says it eloquently; “… I ain’t blind & I don’t like what I think I see… taking it to the streets” the DOOBIE Bros.

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on the road to Gore

I just watched this & sure they wont mind me sharing.. nga mihi Wh. Maki me Richard

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meeting of canna-folks

I went to the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protest this a.m. (for the environment) after walking & chanting, carry placards etc. (others drumming)… afterwards I went to the ‘whakamana museum’ to see what was ‘happening’ on 420-day (april 20)

There was a buzz about organising, the ‘Harvest Festival’ & buses to take herby-folk to the location. I was expecting to see some die-hards & maybe a few manuhiri/guests; I was pleased to meet folks from around Aotearoa, but was surprised to meet an Aussie couple, who had traveled from the ‘West Island’ to attend.. & others from europe, touring the country that had added this to their agenda.

“Ka pai e hoa ma !” 🙂

I missed the evening bus; but I think they are running tomorrow too

Whilst it may have seen ‘organising problems’ (location) I give the organising crew 15/10 for their effort 😀

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