Tell your Children.. the Truth

I just came across a blog post (on another site) about a new book.. called ‘TELL YOUR CHILDREN’.. (the truth about Marijuana, mental illness & violence):

If you are interested; watch this you-tube clip.. it gives a preview

At first glance it smacks of the 1936 ‘DocuDRAMA’ called ‘REEFER MADNESS’. Interestingly it was originally titled the same name, but was changed & ‘Tell your Children’ was demoted to a sub-title.

Again I point out; the plant/Drug is called: Cannabis. ‘Marijuana’ is a mexican slang name that certain devious individuals introduced into the mainstream vocabulary, as a way to confuse people & demonise this ancient plant.

here is a link to a short trailer for the original film.. that now lives in infamy as ‘Total Disinfo.’ & Hysterical nonsense !

I have never claimed that Cannabis use is harmless, esp. by youth.. BUT we don’t really need to see ‘REEFER MADNESS’ 2.0 to know the ‘truth’ about it

btw; I read that the ‘Christian-Right’ in Aotearoa/NZ are promoting this as a ‘Must-read’?! :/

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in brief from frontlines

I see a few, NZ drug related news items:

1) Woman jailed for dealing Synthetic Cannabis.. she was sentenced to six months. In light of several recent deaths from this substance in the same city, where she was arrested & charged/convicted.

2) Woman with rare medical condition that’s starving her, says Med-cannabis is her last hope. The woman is unable to keep food down. She is now only 35KGs in weight. There is no cure for the condition, but CBD oil seems to be ‘taking the edge off everything’. The report said it seems to increase her appetite, helps her sleep & reduces her anxiety. The main concern/problem is still the excessive cost, for cannabis drugs in Aotearoa/NZ

3) Meth convictions rising, Cannabis offences down. Between 2009 – 2015, drug conviction in NZ had about halved.. but in 2016 they have risen again, by about 14%. The NZ Drug foundation are calling for Drug addiction/low-level ‘offences’ to be dealt with as a health issue, not through the criminal justice system. The stats. still show that Maori, are move likely to be arrested & convicted for Drug offences.

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all quiet on the frontlines

Since the Med-cannabis use bill passed, its final stage & the NZ parliament closed for 2018.. there has been almost no news on the Drug war in Aotearoa/NZ. Some one said (paraphrased) ‘many kiwis are sick of hearing about this & are just waiting to see what happens now !’

The NZ parliament is in recess until mid-February. Hopefully there will be something to report about then.. watch this space 🙂

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latest Canna-poll NZ

I read that a ‘Med-cannabis start up company’ in Aotearoa/NZ has recently commissioned a new poll, on the upcoming ‘Reeferendum’.. here are some line from the press release:

‘A new poll reveals a large majority of New Zealanders would support legalising recreational cannabis use in the Government’s 2020 referendum.’

‘The independent survey of nearly 1000 people, conducted by (name removed/a research company), surveyed Kiwis on their attitudes towards cannabis, law reform, and its use.’

Political Party breakdown:

* ACT: (right/libertarian) 49 percent yes/ 26 percent no
* Green: (left-leaning/Govt. C&S partner) 84 percent / 14 percent
* Labour:(left/Govt. majority party) 63 percent / 17 percent
* National: (right/main opposition) 33 percent / 48 percent
* NZ First: (centrist/Govt. coalition partner) 56 percent / 26 percent

Age breakdown:

* 18 – 24 years: 68 percent agree
* 25 – 34 years: 75 percent agree
* 33 – 44 years: 72 percent agree
* 45 – 54 years: 58 percent agree
* 55 – 64 years: 58 percent agree
* 65 – 74 years: 30 percent agree
* 75yrs or over: 37 percent agree

Some comments:

“From this survey, it appears a majority of New Zealanders will vote yes at the 2020 referendum,” says executive director (name removed).

“It’s also encouraging for us to see an overwhelming 81 percent of Kiwis continue to support the legal production of medicines from cannabis.”

“This very strong support for medicinal use reflects other poll results we’ve seen calling for widespread access to cannabis for therapeutic purposes.”

* There does seem to be a concern, about political lobbying by a ‘Christian Right’ group, who have stated they oppose, ANY further cannabis law reform. Maybe they need to be reminded ‘GOD created all things in Heaven & on Earth’ including; Cannabis, Opium, Coca etc.
Their main thrust appears to be deliberately based on: FEAR-mongering & DISinsformation ! sez I

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Whakamana two

I see in the news.. that the ‘Whakamana’ Cannabis Museum/Cafe (in Dunedin NZ) maybe about to open, another one in Christchurch (Sth Island largest City). The story said that the curator is teaming up with a business owner (Cookie company) to open Whakamana number two.

With a law change in 2018, that legally allows the use of Hemp seeds, as a food source/supplement; seed oil & the ground kernels, which can be turned into milk, butter & many other food items. They showed footage of the current Cafe in Dunedin, where hemp seeds are already being used in the menu. The manager confirmed that there is no THC in their food, (you can’t ‘get high’ from it) but she pointed out the nutritional value/ingredients, that customers are interested in trying.

It looks like they maybe gearing up for further law reform in 2020 (Reeferendum).. I wish them very well with the endeavours 🙂

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Alcohol is a DRUG

I was listening to talkback radio briefly.. the host was talking about a report from the DHBs (District Health Boards) of Aotearoa/NZ, saying that the most harmful DRUG in this country.. is by far: Alcohol & it is time, to be seriously addressed !
Drink driving causing deaths & serious accidents/injuries every week. Many fights & domestic issues are related to one or both people, likely having ‘over indulged’ etc.

The main issue being, the society that has normalised; this heavy drinking culture that exists. It is considered quite OK, to come home from work, daily & drink yourself to sleep. To go out to sports clubs & get ‘boozed up’ after a big win OR to drown your sorrows after a loss. Whilst NZ is likely not the worst for this, it has until recently, not even accepted that Alcohol, is in fact a Drug. When you hear in the news about ‘DRUGS’ is usually equated to Cannabis or Meth/P & Black-market gangs etc.

It was interesting listening to a few callers, who were defending this boozy culture. One even saying that ‘kiwi men.. are not really men, unless they drink (to excess) !’ He also attacked the host, for declaring that he gave up drinking at 21, because he did not enjoy the taste or the effects.

Having lived overseas & having returned to NZ; the one difference I do see here, is the attitude that sees alcohol consumption/over indulgence as a ‘Right of Passage’ to adulthood. When I was in UK, people tended to drink & socialise, (seen as a ‘social lubricant’) but many kiwis seem to think that drinking to excess, is what socialising is really all about. In other countries, I have visited.. they tend to refuse to sell alcohol to intoxicated people, on licensed premises. Here in NZ this is supposedly, the ‘policy’ too.. BUT I have walked into bars, swaying & slurring & still been served. One bar person even told me that as long as I otherwise behaved & didn’t fall down drunk, he will keep serving me. Money; obviously being the most important thing to the business ?!

I still find it fascinating to hear the tired old rhetoric that declares ‘DRUGS’ to be bad, but encourages excessive alcohol use. This was once famously stated by a previous NZ Prime Minister.. it went down ‘like a lead balloon’ back then.

The words that always come to mind: Double-standards !

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drug testing at concerts

There was a time when ‘Drug testing’ was usually about proving a crime had occurred & arresting/prosecuting the person(s) involved.. but I heard today, that there is a new agenda proposed: a stall be set up at music concerts/festivals, where attendees can have their ‘drugs’ (pills) tested for content. This has come in light of this new NZ Govt. saying ‘Drugs should be a HEALTH issue NOT a criminal justice one’ esp. personal adult use

I can only say “THREE CHEERS” if this is the actual kaupapa/theme of this issue ?

“BRAVO !!”

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