what was ‘unintended’ ?

I hear that at the height, of the 1950-60s, when the ‘war on cannabis/drugs’ was really raging, there was discussion about ‘Unintended Consequences’ that seem to result from this hysterical/draconian endevour to wipe out the cannabis/MARIHUANA/marijuana plant. These included:

1) a totally unregulated Black-market (sell to anyone with cash, inc. children).. run by Gangsters & Organised crime cartels/syndicates

2) an increase in violent crime, gang warfare.. particularly in areas with, high numbers of people in the ‘lower socio-economic’ communities

3) huge increase in Police budget & staffing numbers.. & prisons

4) police intimidation/stand-over tactics.. often thinking they are ‘above the law’

5) large amount of corruption amongst ‘officials’ in the prohibition industry

6) lots of misinformation in the news media, about the supposed negative effects.. in order to further ramp up the DRUG war

7) loss of employment & barriers to future employment & education

8) limits on international travel, if convicted on smallest possession charge

9) decrease in genuine medicinal research

10) a US-THEM societal psyche.. overblown with DISTRUST on all sides

11) bloggers constantly ranting about ‘how unjust it all is’ ! 😀

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why so annoyed ?

A few people have asked me, why I get so worked up about the ‘WAR on drugs’ & specifically; cannabis ?

so, here it is:

1) I was arrested in my youth, but it did nothing to stop me, it just harden my resolve to see the ‘End of the drug war in Aotearoa/New Zealand’

2) I see many other similar jurisdictions now regulating ‘other drugs’ whereas this Govt. just seems jammed in the ‘status quo ONLY’ gear

3) Even our nearest neighbour; Australia (been there) has decriminalised personal (R18) use in about half of their states (NZ does not have states) & are running intensive medicinal trials, using Australian grown cannabis, in at least 2-3

4) many countries have moved forward on all potential uses of cannabis, BUT Aotearoa/NZ only allows a couple of ‘BIG-Pharma’ medicinal products (not Govt. funded) that almost bankrupt the patient, after jumping through all the hoops, to get it legally. Cannabis is supposedly a ‘Class C drug’ but it is treated like ‘SUPER-A’ in NZ. They do not trust GP doctors or even specialist oncologists etc. to prescribe it (in any form) Its only available on a case-by-case through the ministry of health.. “HOW FUCKING RIDICULOUS IS THAT.. people overseas” ?!
Oh yes & if you jump through lots of other hoops, you can grow ‘industrial Hemp‘ here.. BUT “HHUUUUSSSSHHHH !” the locals think “its weed man”

5) Kiwis are dying, of cancer etc. still labelled as ‘CRIMINALS’ for going to the cheaper option : the BLACK-market.

6) Most jobs that required ‘drug testing’, where those that involved driving or using dangerous heavy equipment etc. BUT now, it’s becoming almost mandatory in many NZ workplaces.. that’s Zero-tolerance. Many young kiwi workers are now being replaced (or struggling to get any employment) by ‘foreigners on work visas’ because many kiwis fail a drug test. These tests are notoriously flawed, in that they only detect the presence of the drug (could be, over a week, since use) not any evidence of intoxication.

7) Aotearoa/NZ used to be considered a world leader in some things; First votes for women, first european to climb Mt Everest, Worlds fastest Indian motorcycle, advances in science etc. BUT on this we are floundering amongst the countries that still take the DRACONIAN approach; purely punitive !

8) NZ figures in, all the negative stats. about use rates per capita (amongst the highest) in the world/UN reports & yet we push the prohibition, amongst the hardest. What does this say about; the Drug War failing in every sense ?
Creating a ‘forbidden fruit’ mentality that ‘all naughty kiwis’ just have to rush out & try it.. btw; most already have, illegally, so whats the big deal about a total lack of law reform.. like so many others ?

9) Many foreigners, likely come here, from countries like; Canada, USA, Australia, EU & Sth America, thinking we have similar attitudes.. well the ‘man on the street’ or in the park may do, but the NZ Police, customs, courts, prisons, politicians etc. certainly do NOT. “Zero-tolerance reigns baby !”

10) I feel that my country is becoming a ‘laughing stock’ in much of the OECD, because there really seems to be a genuine fear/misguided perception, that ‘End of the war on weed/drugs’ will be the end of the world as we know it ! Most likely the end of ‘Police-State-NZ’ !!!

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so.. what is ‘marihuana’ ?

I have often wondered what was actually being ‘taxed’ in the ‘Marihuana tax act 1937′ that later morphed/became the focus of the global WAR on DRUGS ?

It became synonymous with a ban on the ‘cannabis’ plant. BUT.. what is ‘marihuana’ (SIC with a ‘H’) ?
There are several words that are also connected to this issue: ‘Hemp’, ‘marijuana’ (SIC with a ‘j’) & of course ‘Cannabis sativa’ (its scientific/medical name).. BUT if they originally placed this prohibitive tax on, ‘MARIHUANA’ that later became part of the 1961 UN convention, then surely we need to clearly define what the subject of this act; really is.

The act actually defines it… but is it legally, an official Govt. Act, if they use a bastardised SLANG name, to represent a plant or herb or part thereof, which already had ‘official names’.. as stated above. The interesting thing being; the word existed in its ‘proper form’ but was changed to ‘Americanise it’ & add a load of; lies, fallacies & misinformation, about a plant that was widely grown & used, under its other names: Hemp & Cannabis.

I actually think, that ‘Marihuana’ or ‘Marijuana’ (original mexican slang spelling) was only intended to be used in the recreational context. BUT was later used to demonise the whole plant & all its uses.. even though the 1937 act & 1961 UN conventions clearly give exemptions & do not require ZERO-TOLERANCE.. but this is the current regime in Aotearoa/NZ (& decreasingly other parts of the world).

The thing that caught my eye recently, being a DEA document (federal USA Drug agency) that still used the word ‘Marihuana’ in its text, that was supposedly rejected as an acceptable noun in 1960s ?

I again thank ‘Hemp Jack RIP’ (the Hemperor) for getting me on this ‘quest for truth/knowledge’

The actual Tax Act almost exclusively uses this word: ‘MARIHUANA’ throughout the document/text, once they define it really means CANNABIS (in a demonised form & charged at $1/year – TAX).

I’ve even heard that during the brief congress debates, the main speakers to effectively ban Cannabis, used the ‘M-word’ only. It was only a doctor from AMA (Medical union) who asked the question ‘Are we talking about cannabis or some other drug ?’ BUT he was dismissed without a clear answer. The report even stated that the doctor’s union had ‘no issues’ with the act.

The reason; why I think that ‘Marijuana/Marihuana’ refers specifically/exclusively to recreational use being; that’s what the words of the song say “La Cucuracha.. Marijuana por fumar‘ (the usual method of ingestion for recreational use). Whereas most people don’t smoke industrial hemp or most medicinal useage, where it comes in many other forms (edibles, tablets, mouth sprays & the raw herb, if suitable). The whole issue around this word, was clearly to create a smoke-screen, whilst a few EVIL men rammed through effective ZERO-tolerance, behind the scenes !

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Summit plan

I read that a group of ‘movers & shakers’ are planning a cannabis law reform summit in July 2017. There is speculation that the previous PM of Aotearoa/NZ could be a guest speaker. I see a few other groups will be represented:

1) chaired by a well-known TV news presenter

2) the NZ drug foundation

3) a spokesperson from Washington USA, where cannabis is regulated/legal

4) at least one member of parliament

I read these comments:

‘Arguments for cannabis law reform, and calls for politicians to stop “running scared”, are expected at a drug summit in Wellington to be chaired by broadcaster (name removed)’

‘The suffering people endured while waiting to get medicinal cannabis approved was one reason (name removed) said she was interested in drug law reform.’

‘Drug Foundation executive director (name removed) has long expressed frustration at the slow pace of drug law reform. In particular, he said the 1975 Misuse of Drugs Act was antiquated and unfit for purpose.’

‘There has also been a change in attitude in New Zealand, particularly on medicinal cannabis products, but parties and Parliament remain reluctant to do anything.’

‘(name removed) who drove efforts to legalise marijuana for recreational use in the state of Washington, will also address the two-day conference.’

‘(Drug foundation) hoped politicians would agree that drug law reforms were needed, and might realise they could make drug reform campaign promises instead of “running scared”.’

* All good to I&I 🙂

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Medicinal march 422

I read that about 200 protesters assembled in Aotea Square in Akld. NZ, yesterday (422) to publically call for better access to cannabis.. for medicinal/therapeutic uses. The report included these remarks:

‘Medicinal cannabis protesters march along Auckland’s Queen St on Saturday afternoon.’

‘About 200 protesters turned out in Auckland on Saturday for a rally in favour of medicinal cannabis.’

‘They gathered in Aotea Square in the CBD at midday before marching down Queen St at 1pm.’

‘Organisers want safe, legal and affordable access to cannabis, and invited others around the country to organise coinciding marches.’

‘(name removed), president of campaign group NORML (National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), said the rally was intended to make a statement to parliament.’

“Throughout history whenever there’s been social change, people had to march,” he said. “They had to get out on the streets and make their views known.”

‘It is currently illegal to grow, sell or use cannabis in New Zealand, for either recreational or medical reasons.’

‘(NORML spokesperson) said the government’s response to the issue had been inadequate.’

“We know the only way to change the law is to change the government,” he said.

There were other speakers, inc. Green party health spokesperson:
‘She said cannabis should be treated as a health issue rather than a legal issue, and called for urgent action from politicians.’

“The rest of the world is making it easier to access medicinal cannabis, and New Zealand is falling behind,” she said.

then this;
‘Auckland great-grandmother (name removed) uses medicinal cannabis, and says she won’t be bullied by police.’

“Why should we pay thousands of dollars a month when people can just grow a few plants and receive the same benefits? That’s a compassionate approach, and there’s no way it would lead to any further harm in society,” she said.

‘Tetraplegic (name removed) used medicinal cannabis until his supply of the drug was seized in a police raid.’

‘(name removed) uses medicinal cannabis illegally, and said she was determined not to live in fear of being raided by police.’

“I will not be bullied or terrorised by this bad law,” she said. “It’s a cruel law, and I will stand up to it until my last days.”

*It was disappointing to see no TV news coverage (so far) ! 😦

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Drones join the War

I read that NZ Police have gone ‘high-tech’ & are employing aerial drones in the Drug war.. searching out cannabis plantations. Where once they worked with RNZAF helicopters, to search bushland from above, they are now using drones.

I read this in a report:

‘Police are going hi-tech and using drones to locate cannabis plantations in the Taupo area.’

‘A drone has been used to identify a hidden cache of 100 cannabis plants stashed in the Kaingaroa Forest near Rotorua last week.’

“We borrowed a drone and with that we were able to locate the cannabis plants.”

“Without that drone we would not have found it and would have just been wandering around the bush.”

‘Two men have been charged with possession with intent to supply in connection to the offence.’

“It is not part of our standard equipment and we had to borrow it. We are thankful of the organisation that lent it to us and the member of the public who phoned in the tip.”

*Again I say; ‘How much tax-payer money is being wasted, in their efforts to be seen to be doing something’ (just scratching the surface, if truth be known).. BUT keeping themselves ‘gainfully employed’ !

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Med-use protest

I hear that NORML(NZ) is organising a Medicinal cannabis protest meeting & march on Saturday 22/4/17 in Auckland. They are calling for Aotearoa/NZ to ‘get with the program’ & stop the misinformation about the potential uses of the drug. They are meeting in Aotea Square at 1pm. I believe there will be pro-reform speakers, inc. Cannabis party & Green party ?
They will be marching down Queen Street (main street on the city).

I’d love to be there, but I live at the other end of the country.
BUT; J-day is coming up, in a couple of weeks.. I’ll be at the local event ! 🙂

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