they got high.. 50 years ago

It was 50 years ago today (USA time) that 3 men ‘got higher’ than any other human ever had.. or have since:
Neil & Buzz were ‘walking on the moon’, while Mike orbited overhead


btw: its 21/7 here in Aotearoa/NZ, as I write this πŸ™‚

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news from the frontlines

I have been looking at news items & came across these few: (some lines from press releases)

1) Plans to cultivate cannabis..

‘A Christchurch company is hoping to obtain Ministry of Health approval soon to start cultivating cannabis for medical and scientific use and is urging farmers to get involved.’

‘Co-founder and managing director of Long White Cloud Genetics (name removed) said he had been approached by local landowners interested in learning more about the medicinal cannabis industry.’

“With more and more opportunities opening for farmers who typically rely on meat and dairy, it’s something they could seriously investigate if they have interest.”

‘Ruatoria-based Hikurangi Cannabis Company is the first New Zealand company to hold a medicinal cannabis cultivation licence.’

‘Earlier this year the company received government approval to grow 16 new varieties of cannabis and to import some of the first strains of high-THC strains of cannabis into New Zealand under changed biosecurity rules.’

2) Were Vikings potheads ?

‘ANCIENT cannabis pollen has been discovered near a Viking settlement in Canada, leading archaeologists to question whether the seafaring warriors were making use of marijuana while they explored North America.’

‘This new evidence could change what we know about the spread of cannabis across the globe.’

‘Until now, archaeologists thought that the Newfoundland site, which was founded by Vikings in around 1000AD, was only occupied for a brief period of time.’

‘However, the new research suggests that they were living there well into the 12th or even 13th century.’

‘If the Vikings at the site were using cannabis it is almost impossible to say what they were using it for, as it could have been for anything from medicinal and recreational purposes to making hemp clothes.’

3) Oscar-winning legend (Morgan) credits cannabis with reducing his fibromyalgia pain & wants to see it legalised across the board..

*joining a large group of other famous folks, who have said likewise.. in recent times ! πŸ™‚

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confirmation of finding

I recently saw an interview that stated, that youth in countries/states that now have legal or decrim. cannabis.. are NOT turning to the drug in large numbers; in fact it seems that the ‘forbidden fruit’ has now lost its appeal, for many.. once legally available, to adults (R20+)

I read this confirmation study (press release) :

‘New research finding legalising cannabis doesn’t result in more teens taking up toking has been dismissed by opponents of the widely-used drug.’

‘Researchers in the US looked at 25 years of survey data in 33 states, including 27 which have legalised medicinal use and seven where it’s legal to smoke for fun. All-up 1.4 million high school students’ responses were looked at.’

‘According to the findings, published Tuesday in journal /JAMA Pediatrics/, there was no link between legalisation for medicinal or recreational purposes and increased rates of teenage cannabis use. In fact, they found the opposite.’

“Recreational marijuana laws appear to be associated with a decrease in the odds of both measures of marijuana use, which may be because it is more difficult for teenagers to get marijuana if drug dealers are replaced by licensed dispensaries that require proof of age,” the Montana State University researchers said in a statement.

‘The (NZ) Drug Foundation’s (name removed) said the results weren’t surprising.’

“The research makes the important but very simple point that drug dealers don’t check ID,” he told (media). “To gain access to a cannabis retail store in North America, to get in the door, you have to show ID. I did a tour last year of three jurisdictions… and you literally could not get through the door unless you had valid ID.’

“In New Zealand, young New Zealanders are going to retail outlets run by organised crime – tinny houses don’t check ID. They’re more than happy to sell cannabis and any other drug to young New Zealanders.”

‘The Green Party drug reform spokesperson (name removed), said, “We’ve consistently seen, across jurisdictions that have moved to sensible legal regulation of cannabis, that we create a sense of order and control over what is chaos when left to prohibition.’

“With education and meaningful regulation, we take the situation out of the shadows and into the light, where we’re able to effectively build greater community wellbeing and health.”

*meanwhile the opposition & ‘naysayers’ still parrot; drivel & echoes of ‘reefer madness’.. thereby actually promoting the Black-market & the forbidden fruit mystique (that attracts young people). Their approach is increasingly being seen as naive & outdated ! :/

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the worst crime..

This song puts it all into focus

The worst crime I ever did.. was recorded in late 1970s, now folks get a ‘106 discharge’ for similar

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a simple idea

I was discussing the ‘issues’ around cannabis, with a couple of locals recently.. I think we all agree, that the worst thing.. is the labelling of two groups: “Us & Them”.. creates division :/


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med-cannabis doc. feedback

I just watched ‘newshub nation’ (weekly current affairs NZ); discussing the recent release of a pubic discussion document on: medicinal cannabis changes in Aotearoa/NZ; there were face-to-face responses from:

1) Ms Chloe (Green MP), who said (paraphrased):

I/greens are listening to both Doctors & the public. We accept it has to be fully licensed & regulated/controlled industry..
Recreational use (referendum 2020) is a different topic

when asked about the reason for her advocacy, she replied ‘I did not come to parliament to reform the cannabis laws.. it was handed to me, by another MP, when she became a minister in Govt.’ (fell outside her portfolio)

btw; Chloe was at a recent event in Otepoti & I gave ‘five up high’ for her ongoing mahi in this kaupapa

2) Opposition Health spokesperson (National MP) who said(paraphrased):

‘We know best.. about MARIJUANA !!!’
‘we agree with some of the Govt. proposals.. but they stole them from us anyway’

vaping is a BAD idea.. unregulated use

the process is also a shambles… grumble, grumble.. “WE KNOW BETTER !!!”

3) interview with a UK Prof. who said (paraphrased):

It is now legal in UK, under similar lines to those underway in NZ.. but only 22 legal prescriptions are current & none are funded by NHS (Nat. Health) Needs to be less restrictive.. likely in time

He said he is being funded by an emerging company in Aotearoa/NZ to come & run a few ‘master classes’ for registered med-practitioners

he thinks that ‘sign-off’ by specialists is too strict; same in UK. Many specialists (Min. Health register) are less knowledgable about cannabis, than some GPs, who study it

Then the TV studio panel jumped in (paraphrased):

ex-Minister of no-Drug law reform (dunne):

The reality will lie somewhere between the Govt. (more liberal stance on herb) & the fully corporate view of the opposition; ‘products’ only

A journo (pro-reform):

med-use is already occurring, it’s just the ‘industry’ slowing it down; dotting i’s & crossing t’s.
80% of NZ public support it, in many polls/discussion with their GPs (if properly regulated), it is the Medical profession, ‘dragging their heels’ (lack of knowledge, in western medicine ??)

he challenged the MP, who claimed ‘vaping is unregulated’.. he stated; it can be totally controlled by dose (viles) & frequency (only given a limited number a week ?)

*He mentioned that; ALL cannabis being grown in NZ currently, is under ‘research’ permits. In december 2019, these permits expire & the whole crop will be seized & destroyed ! the ex-‘no reform’ minister, was grinning about this… (POWER of the state !!).
Then in order for companies to operate, in the ‘new order’. they will have to fill in a mountain of paper & pay a large fee !
The journo. thought this was counter-productive.. I AGREE 100% : why return back to square #1

* I was encouraged to see this level of more open discussion.. beyond the ‘mainstream fear-mongering’ which has mostly dominated recently πŸ™‚

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who should we trust ?

I was listening to an interview on radio NZ last evening, with a doctor who is specialising, in medicinal cannabis. He made the following points (paraphrased):

1) currently only 1-2 imported products are available in Aotearoa/NZ: Sativex (GW Pharma UK) & Tilray (Canadian big pharma)

2) doctors can now prescribe CBD products (non-psychoactive), without having to jump through ALL the hoops.. anymore; not widely known

3) in order to get approval for THC-rich products, including THC/CBD mix.. they did need GP recommend, Specialist agreement & Ministry rubber stamp. He said the ministerial stamp is to be discontinued

4) many ‘Specialists’ (specific area: cancer, pain management, neuro-degenerative etc.) actually have very little knowledge of cannabis, as a treatment. It is not widely available/studied in ‘western medicine’ literature; due to about a century of demonisation

5) he is considered, by many to be an ‘expert’ in the field, but he cannot prescribe cannabis products, by himself; he is not a registered specialist (Min. Health)

*SO; the question is: ‘Why are they stricter with cannabis (Class C drug) than with opiates (Class A drug) which GP doctors can prescribe in some form/amount ?’
AND; are they (Min. Health) really saying, ‘We just do NOT trust G.P. doctors with this plant’ ?? look out MARIJUANA is all about

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