close encounter

I was getting a lift home today.. from town : Otepoti, in my mates (bert) car; he said to me ‘put that away.. theres a cop-car up our Arse’

After we turned off.. I replied : I remember being at a 420 about a decade ago.. in a pub beer garden. We heard someone calling the cops ‘there here smoking marihuana’. We broke up & three cars full of blue uniforms, suddenly pulled up (in riot gear).. I headed for a nearby taxi stand. After about 5kms, the driver said : what have you been doing ? A cop car has been tailing us the whole time; full of cops. I said “you can let me out here“.. the cuntsables kept going.. I thought they were supposed to focus on RAPE, MURDER & ROBBERY etc. BUT often it seems WoD is their major focus ‘Marijuana’ being public enemy #1 ??

oh dear, how sad.. never mind & LOL

we need to win the Reeferendum 2020 folks.. “Kia kaha e hoa ma” 🙂

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Rest Terry

I hear that Mr Terry Jones has passed at 77 years.. Rest Matua:

He & the Pythons (monty) were all totally ‘out of it’ IF they hadn’t tried herb. I would be surprised !

“Rest Tezza LOL”

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Overgrown 2020

I just listened to the ‘Overgrown show’ on Radio 1 (Otepoti/Dn).. podcast: first show for 2020; recent Cannabis issues/events in Aotearoa/NZ

Big thumbs up to Nick n Bert”, for their insights & banter on Canna-issues over the Xmas/New-Year break:

1) News on the changes to the NZ Medicinal cannabis scheme, coming into effect in April

2) some info. on polls; on the approaching ‘Reeferendum’ (personal, adults use) to be held at the General Election, later this year

3) other misc. banter/chat about Cannabis ‘Social clubs’ in Aotearoa/NZ.. 2019 changes, raids & shutdown ! :/

“Good onya guys.. keep up the great Mahi/work !” moving into the 2nd (or 3rd ?) decade of activism/advocacy…

btw: Thx/nga mihi for playing ‘WAR’ by Bobby & de Wailers

> Words taken from a speech, at the United Nations (1960s) by: HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I, Ras TafarI.. last Negus Negast o Ethiopia (RIP)

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Med-cannabis survey

I was reading a press release, about the lack of availability of medicinal cannabis products, currently in Aotearoa/NZ.. post law reform in 2018; some details:

‘Other than Sativex (imported from ‘GW Pharma’ – UK) – an oral spray that combines THC and CBD – there is no MedSafe-approved cannabinoid-based medicine in New Zealand.’

‘Kiwis are asking their doctors for access to medicinal cannabis, but few GPs have written prescriptions for it, though many say they would be open to it with funding and good evidence.’

‘In a survey of 76 general practitioners published today (17/1/20 – PR) in the New Zealand Medical Journal 42 said a patient had asked for a prescription for medicinal cannabis in the past year, but only 14 had written prescriptions.’

‘Leading author (name removed), of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, said cost, special approval, and a lack of strong evidence put most doctors off.’

“Those who have looked into prescribing it are coming up against some problems around access and the process, and those who aren’t necessarily prescribing it have issues around the evidence base for it and the products that are available in New Zealand.”

‘Other than Sativex – an oral spray that combines Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoid (CBD) – there is no MedSafe-approved cannabinoid-based medicine in New Zealand. Sativex is approved for management of multiple sclerosis, but it not subsidised by drug-buying agency Pharmac.’

‘GPs require hospital specialist as well as Ministry of Health approval to prescribe cannabis-related products, with the exception of medicinal cannabidiol or CBD or Sativex for multiple sclerosis.’

‘Most – 84 percent – said they would be “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to prescribe a Pharmac-approved, funded cannabis product if it was backed by good evidence.’

“I think the study says that GPs are open to prescribing medicinal cannabis product that has gone through all the testing that any other medication has gone through,” (Doctor/author) said.

“If it’s going to be treated as a medication it needs to be tested as a medication, trialled as a medication, then it would go into the pile of medications that can be trialled for people in specific medical conditions.”

‘Only 43 doctors – 57 percent of those surveyed – were aware of Sativex, but most indicated they would be prepared to prescribe it for pain, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy or seizures.’

‘The survey suggested people were using cannabis for health reasons without a prescription anyway, and two-thirds of the doctors surveyed said patients had told them they had used cannabis unlawfully in the past year – usually smoking it to relieve pain, anxiety, or for cancer and palliative care.’

‘Having good quality, easy-to-access information was essential for GPs to be able to have informed conversations with their patients.’

‘In December, Health Minister (name removed) announced new medicinal cannabis regulations would be introduced in April this year. These regulations will set out the quality and licensing requirements for manufacturing and distributing medicinal cannabis.’

‘At the announcement, (the minister) said 20 companies in New Zealand were already licensed to grow cannabis for research purposes and he expected some would apply for licences for medicinal cannabis.’

*It just seems, that this Govt. having promised, better access (in their first 100 days– 2017) are being bogged down by excessive hurdles, road-blocks & ‘red-tape’ OR is ‘the industry’, deliberately trying to stymie the process ?

** Aotearoa/NZ is now, years/even decades behind most other OECD/western countries, on medicinal cannabis access ! 😦
The biggest question is ‘Why are they buying a ‘product’ from UK, (sativex) that is not funded & is prohibitively too expensive, for most kiwis.. even if they can get a prescription ?’
This has left the majority, either just buying ‘raw buds’ from the black-market (often cheaper) OR turning to the underground ‘Green Fairies’ network; who work in the shadows.. for the benefit of sick kiwis, who want to access it: tinctures, balms etc. made in a cottage industry; supplied by the black-market 🙂

“THIS IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH !!” and so say all of us….

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I just got something in my spam-box; I’m always wary of ‘bots’ etc. when ‘it’ says things like ‘Nice site’ then a link to a company or site appears below. BUT this one just said ‘nice site.. is it OK, to use some of my ideas/posts ?’ (paraphrased)

I don’t care whether anyone copies my stuff or uses/adds my links, elsewhere.. because most of my stuff is ‘borrowed’ from press releases OR my own notes on things Ive seen & heard 🙂

SO to reply to the ‘request’ in my spam-box “YES.. help yourself” if you are genuine requester.. (?) 🙂

Also a quick shout-out/’kia ora koutou’ to a few new followers.. joined in the last month or so.. you know who you are; “gidday” to all others who do likewise/follow or even just read my stuff occasionally 😀

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frontlines brief

I read these two press release items.. in brief (extracts) from the frontlines:

1) 2020 will unleash greater medicinal cannabis access

‘Last month the Ministry of Health released the final Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, but in the lead up to Christmas many may have missed the significance of this milestone.’

‘Officials had just 12 months to design and finalise the new medical cannabis regulations, consulting healthcare professionals and the burgeoning industry during that time. Overall, they have done well to deliver on both the public and parliament’s desire for Kiwi patients to have greater access to affordable medicinal cannabis products.’

‘Key to delivering on patient access was the decision to drop the requirement for specialist sign-off on prescriptions which had been proposed in the July discussion document.’

‘This means all GPs will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis products without additional oversight, and for any condition. Unlike some other countries, there will be no list of ‘qualifying ailments’ they need to abide by.’

‘Our work included commissioning a large Horizon Research survey of over 700 healthcare professionals in August and publicly releasing the results.’

‘The independent survey confirmed healthcare professional’s strong belief that GPs are already specialists in the field of general medicine, know their patients best, and are perfectly capable of prescribing cannabis-based products on their own. A majority of doctors made it clear that specialist sign-off was unnecessary, and in the end this view was shared by the Ministry of Health.’

‘The Ministry of Health has done well to deliver robust, pragmatic regulations within a tight statutory timeframe. However, the pressure remains on officials in 2020 to get on and enable licenced manufacturing and ensure local product supply. Thousands of suffering Kiwi patients eagerly await.’

2) Competition to show kiwis Canadian legal cannabis

‘As the New Zealand Government prepares for a referendum on laws to legalise the personal use of cannabis, (company), a recreational cannabis brand, is running a competition giving a couple of Kiwis the chance to win a trip to Canada. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness the forefront of legal cannabis, and see how a successful referendum could impact New Zealand.’

‘The prize includes return airfares to Canada and five nights accommodation to tour legal cultivation facilities, learn about the science of cannabis extraction, hear from elected officials at the forefront of legalisation, enjoy a luxury five course cannabis infused meal — and even relax at the world’s largest outdoor spa.’

“This is a chance not just to win the trip of a lifetime, but to see first-hand what legal recreational cannabis looks like before New Zealand’s cannabis referendum this year,” said (the company) CEO (name removed). “We’re excited to help educate more Kiwis about the benefits of legal cannabis and how it can work in practice.”

*I could not see any further details about how & when to enter.. :/

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CannaProhibition cost NZ

I just got this pic. from another site.. the current estimated, annual cost of Cannabis Prohibition in Aotearoa/NZ !

btw; In case you dont know who the man is: he is the current ‘Leader of the opposition’ (National Party NZ) who appear to still be staunchly, opposed to cannabis/other drug law reform; saying that IF they return to power this year, (Election 2020) they are not bound to implement, the result of the Reeferendum, if it is a majority ‘YES’ vote, in support of Cannabis law reform !

It seems they would prefer to continue throwing the cash at supporting the growth of the ‘Cops/Prison Prohibition Industry‘ rather than looking at other viable options.. as in many other OECD countries: Canada, USA states, Aust. states, much of EU etc. etc. etc. :/

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