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I get some comments & remarks.. BUT just reaffirming:

If you do write a comment, (that goes to spam queue) that does not actually address the topic, then I assume it is just broadcast trash & deal with accordingly. BUT If you are actually writing please make it clearer than the ones that say, things like “Great stuff, keep up the good work” then often have something for sale attached

btw: ‘Nga mihi’ (greetings) to the few regular ‘likes’ & the genuine comments (you know who you are).. keeps me going 🙂

“It aint over til.. its over.. OR the large person sings !”
“Kia Kaha ki te whanau o kanabosm” (& other anti-Drug war activists/supporters).. “there is a light down the end”.. I can just about see a glimpse.. 🙂 😀

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biggest bust nz

From the Frontlines:

1) I see on NZ TV news that 190KGs of Cocaine, were seized at Customs in Auckland (NZ). The report said it was probable, that the supply destination was actually the bigger, more lucrative Australian market. They set up a sting operation by mailing a substitute substance, then arresting the traffickers in Sydney (assoc. NSW Police op). This was by far the largest Cocaine seizure/BUST in NZ Customs history
They noted that the Meth ($1k/gram) market is waning & some are moving to the cheaper ($350/gram), but less powerful coca-leaf extract.

2) I read that a film maker (drug issues) appeared before the NZ courts. He will reappear for sentencing in 2019. The charge was: possession of a pipe, some bud & ONE plant.. Pls Don’t tell us, this is a political assassination ?

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more conference footage

Further to my last post, about the recent Cannabis conference in Aotearoa/NZ.. I found this footage:

It has interviews with some of the organisers/movers & shakers in this area.. worth a view

Again; it seems to be, no so much about being ‘pro-cannabis’.. but more about cutting through the decades of misinformation & deliberate FEAR-mongering about this plant & its potential uses; Medicinal, Industrial & personal too

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Cannabis Conference NZ

I read a while ago that ‘The Cannabis coalition’ & others, were organising a conference in Wellington (capital) to discuss/workshop ideas about possible reform. This occurred over the weekend; here is footage of one of the speakers.. a criminologist from a University faculty. Worth a watch:

She raises some very critical points, about breaking through all the stereotypes & misinformation. Also to beware of the prohibitionists/’naysayers’ who are still opposed to cannabis reform (for whatever reasons) & will likely ramp up the fear-mongering & hysteria; “For God’s sake think of the children” etc. in the run up to the promised ‘Reeferendum’

Also the hype around ‘the police have already ‘defacto decrim’d cannabis’ & we don’t really have to go further with reforms’ etc. BUT she does point out, that whilst arrests for possession have decreased in recent years, there are still people being arrested for personal use/possession.. in some sectors of society, in Maori communities & amongst unemployed youth etc.

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What does Helen say ?

I wrote a post a while ago.. about comments from prominent NZers, on cannabis reform issues. It was inspired, after the passing of Med-cannabis advocate; Helen K

Well in more recent times another ‘Kiwi Helen’ (ex-PM, now part of a global steering committee) has been making some very prominent noises in favour of cannabis reform:

She says we need to ‘Vote YES’ to the referendum question.. I tautoko (agree) as long, as it does NOT read: ‘Do you support the Status Quo ?’ 😦

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Stan Lee RIP

I see in the news that cartoonist; Stan Lee has passed at 95 🙂

He worked at Marvel comics; Spiderman, Capt. America etc.

I was never a reader of the originals, but have enjoyed the TV versions, most of my life

“E noho Stan, to mahi mutunga” (Rest from you work, it is finished) “Nga mihi”

Stan Lee. 95 RIP

I have no idea, where he was on drugs.. but his cartoons are a good watch.. after inhaling 🙂 🙂 😀

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the 100 years WAR

At 11am on 11th November (11th month) 1918 (11/11/11).. the guns, finally fell silent.. ‘the War to End all wars’ armistice was declared. That was 100 years ago; but the War on cannabis has raged for most of this whole time in some form.. & still does !

1) 1919 the Alcohol prohibition started in USA, all ‘drugs’ came under scrutiny.. even ‘Marijuana’ (mexican slang name) aka Cannabis. Alcohol prohibition ENDED in 1933; same year LSD first became identified; as a DRUG of concern

2) 1927 The Dangerous Drugs act is passed in Aotearoa/NZ.. also in UK & other lands too. Mother Aubert passed away the year before

3) 1937 The ‘Marihuana (SIC) Tax act’ is passed into law in USA

4) 1961 The U.N. Single convention (all-encompassing, global, prohibitionist) is passed.. mostly pushed by ‘USA delegate HJ Anslinger’ (ex-Alcohol prohibition Cop)

5) 1970 (?) RM Nixon declares ‘WAR ON DRUGS’ with Heroin & ‘Marijuana’ (schedule #1) as the main targets

6) 1979 many folks get arrested for cannabis offences.. 😦

7) 1978 onward.. Holland regulates cannabis: Coffeeshops; nice place to visit, if you can 🙂

8) 2001 Canada regulates medicinal cannabis at the National/Federal level.. they recently did likewise for personal use

9) 2006 NZ parliament passed a law to allow ‘Industrial Hemp‘ to be licensed/grown

10) 2009 a Green party bill, fails first reading in Parliament of NZ

11) 2011 NZ Law commission issues their report on NZ Drug laws; calls for ‘further relaxation’ beyond ZERO-tolerance

12) 2013 The NZ Govt. introduce & pass the ‘Psychoactive substance act’ regulating ‘Synthetic cannabis’ & other ‘Legal highs’.. natural cannabis & other covered by MODA 1975 are denied access to this model

13) 2017 there is a change of Govt. in Aotearoa/NZ; they agree to amend the Medicinal cannabis policy & allow a ‘Reeferendum’ before next general election in 2020.. Thx Greens/NZF/Lab. “Bring it on !!”

14) 2018 a Greens med-use reform bill fails again (#2-3 ?).. BUT; a Govt. med-use bill is introduced to NZ parliament & passes first reading

15) 13/11/18 we still wait for genuine reform & hear the ‘naysayers’ still pushing ‘prohibitionist Rhetoric’ for whatever reasons..

Meanwhile: 29 USA states allow Med-use/9-10 allow personal use, Much of EU allow Med-use.. some also personal use too, Portugal decrim. all drug use (called ‘a gold standard’ for health reform), about half Aust. states allow some kind of use; Med/Personal-decrim., Israel leads the world on Medicinal/Therapeutic research, Uruguay allow use at the national level, Jamaica has a regulated market; Marley-brand etc., UK allow CBDs to be sold as health supplements & Specialists to prescribe ‘approved Med. products’.. also there is talk of allowing ‘adult social clubs’.. we just wait

I admit there are other regimes that still do.. ZERO-tolerance, mostly in Asia where drug use is more rampant, but is prohibition making it better or WORSE ?

I also believe there was a ‘hundred years war’ in the middle-ages, but that also ended.. BUT; we just wait & wait…………… :/ 😦

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