case in point..

In recent times.. I keep hearing things like; ‘the war is over.. just working through details’. BUT I read this case from USA (some lines):

‘(name removed) jailed over court fees after long sentence for cannabis’ (she has indigenous surname ?)

‘Sitting in her jail cell this week, (defendant) couldn’t imagine where she was going to get the money she needed for her release.’

‘In 2010, the young Oklahoma mother, who had been caught selling US$31 ($48) worth of marijuana to a police informant after financial troubles caused her to lose her home, was sentenced to 12 years in prison. It was her first-ever offense, and the lengthy sentence drew national attention, sparking a movement that led to her early release.’

‘(the defendant) new arrest on Monday brought renewed attention to her nearly decade-old court case. KFOR morning news anchor (name removed), who detailed the saga in a widely shared Twitter thread, noted that cannabis has been a booming industry in Oklahoma ever since the state legalized medical marijuana in 2018, and left it up to doctors to determine who qualified.’

‘Smiling broadly as she left the Oklahoma County Jail, (defendant) thanked the strangers whose donations meant she was finally free.’

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Paddy on weed

I watched part one, last evening.. of the much touted (2 part) documentary, titled ‘Paddy G. on weed’. This man is a NZ journo. who reportedly was granted $300k to make this program. The first part was about, recent issues around Medicinal use.. which he variously called Cannabis & Marijuana; perhaps unaware that MJ is a slang term, that really should only be used in regard to Recreational use ?!
He started talking about, his mother’s death from cancer.. wondering if, medicinal cannabis/MJ would have helped her suffering ?

1) He interviewed a kiwi med-use grower & a ‘Green fairy’; both are still breaking the law, to provide cheaper products, to 1000s of folks, who are currently, gaining benefit from this plant.
2) They also cut to footage of Police raids, on plantations.. spraying herbicide to kill the plants ! 😦
3) Then they mentioned the prohibitive price of the 1-2 ‘legal cannabis drugs’ (imported from overseas).. not funded by the Govt. agency
4) Showed a few recent ‘start up’ companies, that are currently growing ‘research plants’, to get a foot-hold in the potential new industry.. after recent law changes in Aotearoa/NZ
5) He then went to USA & Canada to look at changes, that have already occurred since law reform; doctors & legal dispensaries in California etc.
6) He finished by attending a USA Cannabis doctor, who gave him a vapouriser to ingest, some medical-grade herb.. for his anxiety ?

Whilst it is good to see this issue, being shown on mainstream TV; it did not really ‘change the narrative’.. as the journo. was claiming. He did not really show anything NEW (IMHO). But just rehashed over, things already in the public domain, on this issue.

Episode 2.. next week will be about Recreational use, in light of upcoming ‘Reeferendum 2020’ in Aotearoa/NZ. There still seems to be public confusion about Synthetics & the natural herb.. NOT the same, even though some commentators seem to claim, they have the same effect.. recent deaths from synthetics : 70-80.. known deaths from natural herb : ZERO !

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brief drop in at OCC

addendum to last post: on the way to the ‘Life matters’ meeting, I briefly dropped in at Otepoti Canna-Collective (aka OCC). There was a good crowd gathering for ‘club’ time. I told the guy on the front counter, that I could not stay.. BUT; now that I know where they are… ‘in behind the green door’.. they will likely see me again 🙂 😀

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YES… life matters

I attended the annual ‘Life matters’ gathering, last evening, at a city church.. The kaupapa/agenda was suicide prevention & mental illness concerns; which Aotearoa/NZ rates very high, in global stats.

One of the speakers talked about, four other countries; where mental health/suicide stats. are actually decreasing. (Iceland & 3 in EU). She said that these countries have certain things in common, including Drug law reform & as a result, decreasing prison populations. Holland have actually closed some, since they took a different approach to Drugs.
BUT; here is Aotearoa/NZ we have.. until recently, gone the opposite direction: Zero-tolerance to DRUGS & as a result, high prison populations. This got a loud applause from those attending. The new Govt. of NZ has announced, that Drug-use is to be dealt with as ‘a Health issue’ & the agreement to hold a Referendum on Cannabis, at the next election in 2020 🙂

Afterwards.. there was a speech from a local Police officer, who talked about the need to listen to the public’s concerns.. BUT when he was introduced; it was mentioned that he had been, a long-time member of the local Drug-squad.. not mentioned by him, in his speech. I actually felt like speaking out, about the harm, that the WAR on Drugs has had.. BUT instead.. I just ‘bit my tongue’. I did not join the muted applause, at the end of his speech.
Whilst I accept that Police, are on the frontlines, of domestic violence call outs etc.. their attitude to ‘illegal Drugs’ does rate, the complete opposite (IMHO). With a high priority on Cannabis ‘offences’ esp. cultivation, supply.. but also; USE too

So: YES… life matters, BUT so does ‘freedom of choice’ around adults Drug use.. NOT just, ‘I smell some weed.. your BUSTED !!’ 😦

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interview with Aunty Helen

There has been quite a bit of media attention, given to ‘Aunty Helen’ (Ex-PM of Aotearoa/NZ).. around her comments, in support of Cannabis reform.. ‘Vote YES’ in the upcoming Reeferendum 2020:

This link is from an interview today, on ‘Newshub Nation’ (current affairs).. She reaffirms that as a member of a International Drug policy forum; the War on drugs, is a failure & it is time to move beyond it, towards Regulation & allowing adults the choice to use cannabis, without being stigmatised or even arrested/prosecuted for doing so, as is now happening, in many other OECD countries (that we are compared to). She highlights the disproportionate number of Maori (indigenous), who are still being arrested for these ‘offences’ under the outdated ‘Misuse of Drugs act 1975’ (MODA). Also.. that around 4000 people in Aotearoa/NZ are still appearing before the courts annually, on cannabis charges: cultivation, supply & even possession 😦

‘Aunty Helen’ is now, at the forefront of the ‘Pro-cannabis’ reform message, in this country/whenua 🙂

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Local Cannabis Collective

With the relocation of ‘Whakamana’ cannabis museum/Cafe from Otepoti/Dunedin to Christchurch NZ; it is good to hear/read that some of the remaining regulars, have created a ‘collective’ of like-minded folks:

I have not been to their new location YET; but now that I know about it…

btw: I just spent a couple of hours, in the ‘Reeferendum Q-room’.. not much interest on a rainy day, but I live in hope, that we can help cut through the misinfo. about ‘marijuana’ ! :/ 🙂

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a sexy new industry.. HEMP NZ

I just watched this you-tube clip:

It talks about the emerging Hemp industry in Aotearoa/NZ. The opening statement.. a Sexy, new industry.. BUT also, there are still legal issues & its association with the drug; aka Marijuana

“enjoy” 🙂

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