go well e hoa ma

just a quick shout-out to my friend & her daughter.. travelling to India; to learn about Ayuvedic medicinal use of herbs.

Most folks use the cannabis herb, to ‘get high man’ BUT there is a positive move (in west) to learn more about medicinal/therapeutic uses. There is still an active use of these ‘healing herbs’ in older traditions.. eg India 🙂

‘haere ki India me hoki mai oranga ki Aotearoa.. kia kaha e hoa ma” (J & S)

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just a word

I keep getting things in my ‘spam queue’ saying things like ‘good job’ & ‘good info.’ etc. I even had one, asking why i had not posted it:

I generally only post if they mention the specific topic or clearly add to it

“have a nice day e hoa ma” 😉

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thus spake Ms Laura

Addendum to my last post:


A recent craft beer event in my home town.. I didn’t go, but have previously met ‘Laura of Dunsterdam Express’.. hemp beer
worth a watch..

“Kia kaha Laura to mahi” (your work) 🙂 🙂

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cannabeer NZ

I was just watching the local city news; an emerging company is making hemp-beer. The spokesperson assured the viewers, that you wont get stoned or get an attack of reefer madness (paraphrased) from drinking it.

In Aotearoa/NZ legally grown hemp is less than 0.3% THC (the active ingredient).. but as for nay-sayers, they can believe what they want.
It reminds me of story about hemp-crete, when the spokesperson stated, IF you want to get high on hemp, ‘go ahead’.. but you would need to roll a joint, the size of a telephone pole.. but by all means, go ahead !

“Kia Kaha Ms Laura & Dunsterdam express” 🙂

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Thus spake Rose


I have mentioned previously; the ‘Green Fairy’ phenomenon, here in Aotearoa/NZ: a loose affiliation of medicinal/therapeutic cannabis suppliers, operating in the gap between the law change (2018) & the lack of legal products. Estimates are, it could still be 12-18 months before any legal NZ cannabis products maybe available, for doctors to prescribe ?

Meanwhile the ‘Green fairies’ are bravely working to supply affordable tinctures/extracts, balms etc. using cannabis: roots, leaves, buds from the black-market.

Rose maybe getting much of the media attention, but I also give a shoutout to: Jeanette, Wh. Maki & Ma Jenz (who I have met) “Kia kaha e hoa ma” (be strong.. friends)

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another typical ‘Tory’

The opposition National party, yesterday; appointed their newest political candidate: another Rich, Middle-aged, White guy (typical ‘Tory’). He has been selected in a ‘safe National (right-wing) seat’, to replace the current sitting MP, who fell out with the party exec. & was excluded by the party; now sitting as an Independent until election 2020.

The new guy was previously, the CEO of an airline.. he appears to be, being seen (by the party) as the ‘next big thing’.. with comments, that he maybe a future, potential party leader ?

I just saw a brief interview, on the TV news.. he was asked how he felt, about several controversial issues (paraphrased):

1) pregnancy abortion/termination.. ‘Against’

2) end of life/euthanasia.. ‘Against’

3) personal use of cannabis (reeferendum).. ‘Against’

4) medicinal use of cannabis (passed at end of 2018).. ‘errr support that’

There was a comment, that the current sitting MP, said he is a member of an obscure church group ?
*I don’t have a problem with anyone religious choices.. BUT I am concerned that some, could be telling their members how to vote/position themselves on the political spectrum; where in the bible does it say ‘Thou shall not consume cannabis’ ?
In fact, it is clear that in Genesis, it does say ‘the earth brought forth grass & the herb yielding seed.. & God saw that it was good !’ 🙂

The cynic in me.. often wonders why these right-wing (business focused) parties, seem staunchly.. anti-cannabis reform ?
* can it be.. they support the totally unregulated Black-market OR maybe even have their fingers in it ? :/

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radio interview

I listened to a radio interview this morning, with an Australian cannabis ‘expert’.. he has been visiting cannabis growing & producing operations around the world. He will be coming to Aotearoa/NZ soon to address a meeting/seminar.

He was very straight foreword & to the point, on these issues:

> differences between: Hemp, medicinal use & recreational use; all are varieties of ‘Cannabis Sativa’. They are selectively bred, for requirements

> on the word; ‘marijuana’.. I had to applaud his comments to the host (paraphrased) ‘marijuana is a slang name, often used to demonise the plant’ He made it clear, that in the context of Medicinal use, only its correct scientific name was applicable’: CANNABIS. He went on to say that no other medicinal plant or extract, was referred to by such slang names eg morphine is an opiate, but is not referred to as ‘smack’ or Dope etc.

> outlined the difference between the active ingredients: THC, CBD, turpenes etc. He gave a basic overview of there effects

> outlined that hemp has so many various industrial uses.. BUT not for ‘getting high’

> talked about legal/regulated recreational uses oversea: Canada, Australia, USA, EU etc. They ensure adults, responsible uses & treatment for overdose/problem use

> he said NZ has an opportunity, to learn from the issues overseas & avoid falling into the problems, that some have had

> talked about corporate models, social clubs, coffeeshops (Holland for decades)

> mentioned the excessively prohibitive restrictions still placed around, growing operations. He said that in Tasmania (Aust.) they grow huge fields of opium, for the medical industry.. without all the hysteria about ‘keeping it hidden away from the public’, as still often happens with medical cannabis cultivation & even hemp

It was brilliant to hear, someone who spoke with such knowledge & positivity about the issues, rather than misinformation, Fearmongering etc. as is still often heard in NZ.. “BRAVO !”
He left me thinking that perhaps, some in the NZ media, are finally being honest & open on the positives & negatives of the plant. He even compared it to Alcohol use, which is now being seen as more harmful, but many attitudes are that it is an ‘acceptable risk’

I cannot find a link to podcast on Radio NZ (RNZ).. yet..

Just found this:


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