Crime Stats ?

I was watching the national (NZ) TV news the other day & they reported that overall crime stats are down (good thing) BUT that Drug dealing ‘offences’ were up by 40%.. it leads me the wondering; Is drug dealing massively on the increase.. OR has the Police’s priority changed, from solving ‘other’ (violent ?) crime to focusing on busting ‘dope-dealers’ which probably requires less effort & fills the crime stats reports up.. shows the ‘brave boys/girls in blue’ are keeping the streets safe.. (from rampaging Cannabis Plants ?)

Not wishing to sound too cynical (again) BUT I think the latter is probably the truth !

This leads me to again state/question, that if it were not for the Global Drug war, would the Law enforcement agencies have to massively downsize ? Are they artificially creating this crisis, to keep themselves busy !?

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