More bad news

I just downloaded the Govt. bill: Psychoactive substances from the NZ Govt. website.
During the speeches in parliament, issues were raised that needed clarifying:
1) Kava (a drug extracted from roots in the pacific islands) are apparently exempted from any law changes
2) Tobacco & Alcohol are exempted from this bill
3) Other drugs already BANNED under the current Mis-use of drugs act. 1975 are excluded from this bill (including ‘Natural Cannabis’)

This has effectively put a stop to ideas of ‘natural Cannabis’ being removed from the current zero-tolerance legislation. The thing I find unbelievable is that several reports & public statements from police & health dept. have said that the synthetic cannabis, is causing MORE HARM than the natural drug & yet this minister is saying the more harmful will be considered OK for legal status, but the less harmful will not ! Talk about irrational nonsense !!

Again I say.. WTF is going on ?? this is CRAZY.. one has to wonder what DRUGS the minister maybe taking.. or is he getting financial or some other ‘incentives’ to maintain prohibition ?

If this minister is serious about reducing ‘ Drug related harm’ as he has stated.. then Prohibition would be ended & REGULATION of all drugs would be implemented. It’s also interesting that this Govt. constantly criticised the last ‘left-wing’ Govt. for its apparent ‘Nanny-state’ policies & yet this could be labeled  ‘NAZI-state’ (even more controlled)

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