Just watched a local TV news/chat show. One item raised; was that a radio station (aimed at youth) had recently had two of their DJs submit to illegal drug tests & they both failed. it didn’t say which ‘illegal drug(s)’, they tested positive for, but it had apparently caused a backlash from the radio station management.

This inspired me to ring the TV chat show & put in my 10c worth : ” its just a reality that NZ has amongst the highest cannabis use in the world.. 72% of respondents to a recent poll were calling for law reform (being ignored by politicians).. its easy to sit on the ‘moral high ground’ & condemn others… were they concerned that Alcohol was the most widely used DRUG, but often not even mentioned/discussed !” The hosts said they could see my point of view, BUT the law IS the law… to which I rebutted.. “its time to accept the reality that a majority of kiwis see the current law as out-of-date & time for a change” (probably just falling on ‘deaf-ears’ ?)

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