NZ or NaZi

I’ve thought long & hard about this.. is this country; New Zealand or new NaZi-land ?

We have amongst the highest cannabis use, BUT also amongst the highest arrest rate (per capita). Many western nations are allowing medicinal use & moving toward harm minimization of personal use, but NZ still maintains a total ZERO-TOLERANCE policy. Recent polls have shown, that not only do more than half the adult population admit to having tried cannabis, BUT 70% have called for law reform, BUT the powers that be, say “NO LAW REFORM”.

I lived overseas for many years & have visited many other countries(including Holland, England & Australia). NZ appears to have some of the most punitive laws for personal use (ADULTS ONLY) of any western nation. IF this was working, surely it would be the opposite (lowest rates of use ?)

I have seen news stories where squads of police (10 or more) have stormed into a house (without a search warrant) on suspicion of illegal ‘drug use’ & found a ‘tinnie’ or a plant or two & then declared it a great victory & stated that they are winning the WAR on DRUGS & reducing harm in society (at a cost of $millions. annually).

I remember hearing that there was a blitz on shops, that were selling books & magazines, that contained information on Cannabis. The last time this sort of thing happened was when the Nazi in Germany burned books that were un-nazi !! The whole strategy of the current Drug War in NZ is trending on similar tactics.

What next: Concentration camps ? (or Drug Courts & Private Prisons ??)

Wake Up people.. are we living in a ‘free country’ or a fascist state ?

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