Honesty.. the best policy ?

I have been watching the news around the upcoming by-election in NZ politics. A recent TV debate showed the candidates from four invited parties (excluding: the ‘Legalise Cannabis Party’ !!)
They took questions/issues from the locals via a TV recording link. One member of the public, said “legalise ‘marijuana’ ”
Then the host asked the candidates for their responses:

Two said definitely “NO LAW REFORM”, One said “should be a health issue & decrim. rather than arrest/prosecute” & the other said “Legalise & stop jailing users”.  All said “NO to Synthetic Drugs”

On a subsequent TV news story, these candidates were asked if they had ever tried the drug ? The two who said “NO LAW REFORM” responded thus: one said “NO, NEVER.. EVER” the other stumbled & said, ” I Can’t Remember”. The two candidates who had called for law reform both had the courage to say that they had done so ‘in their youth’. So many MPs seem to lack this courage, when confronted by this issue or do the Bill Clinton thing (“I tried it…. BUT didn’t inhale” !) so similar nonsense.

Interestingly, another question for the candidates was about their honesty/integrity !

I don’t need to state the obvious.. BUT at least one of these people, was probably telling ‘porkies’.. they were all probably under 60 years old & in my experience anyone in these age groups (grew up 1960-80s) who says they never tried cannabis at least once, is in my humble opinion; probably not being totally honest.. especially in NZ (amongst highest use rate, per capita in the world).

Some years ago, a prominent NZ politician said that EVERYONE who went to University during that time, smoked it (without exception ?)

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