I was listening to a recent speech by Mr Obama (USA Pres.) in regard to a person who was freed on a controversial shooting case in USA. He stated that many young black men are being profiled & prejudiced, purely on racial grounds. He went on to mention that it even happened to him, in his youth. He further mentioned that this is obvious in DRUG law enforcement. Interestingly he stated (when he was a senator) that he intended to bring about law reform, if he could (still waiting !)

This reminded me of a personal story that happened to me, several years ago (BUT.. I’m NOT a ‘young black man’ or ‘person of colour’):

I arrived at Auckland international airport (from Sydney, Australia), with a NZ/kiwi passport. On the arrival form, it asked if I had anything to declare.. I ticked the ‘no’ box. Then proceeded to the immigration entry line, that said ‘nothing to declare’. The official then looked through my form & sent me to the other line. I then had my bags & clothes thoroughly searched. After this search, (which found nothing) I asked the official why I had been sent to this line. I was told that it was a ‘random’ search based on the fact that I met a certain profile. I asked what that meant. I was told “you are wearing a leather jacket (no patch/emblems) & have a beard.. look like a gang member/biker”. As I was about to leave, I also noticed the number of young people, especially a couple of guys with dreadlocks in this search area.

I have heard that the majority of ‘Drug Mules’ are often likely, dressed in business suites.. not leather jackets etc. BUT it just shows the prejudice that occurs in society & specifically the ‘Drug War’. It is widely known that illegal drug use is.. across all levels of society & yet the authorities are really ‘Waging the War’ against those who mostly fit; their ‘druggie’ profile.

When Police pull over cars for ‘random’ drug searches, I doubt they pick on business-men in BMWs ?!

Shame, Shame, Shame !!

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