Warrantless search

I was listening to a USA radio show, last evening. They were discussing the policy of ‘stop & frisk’ which is used by New York Police (as a means of ‘preventing crime’) This has been recently challenged, by a high court judge. She said it is institutional racist profiling. (huge majority are ‘people of colour’) It stated that over 90% of these actions did not lead to charges. It also said that it caused feelings of resentment by the mostly ‘young black men’ who were being targeted. The NY police hierarchy & city mayor are challenging all these claims & the judge’s decision.
It was also mentioned that it often led to claims of police ‘planting evidence’ (often DRUGS) in order to secure a conviction.
I see obvious parallels here, in Aotearoa/NZ.. the Maori & pacific people make up less than 30% of the population, BUT make up over 50% of the prison population.
NZ police also have the ‘power’ to conduct warrantless searches.. on suspicion of illegal DRUG possession. I hear that often police take similar action here.. stop & search, because they claim ‘I can small CANNABIS !!”

This strategy appears to be not so much about maintaining ‘law & order’ rather than ‘divide & conquer’. Here the police use this action against, not just ‘people of colour’ BUT anyone who fits their ‘profiles’ of ‘druggies’ etc. SHAME !

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