First arrest

I heard on today’s news that a shop owner has been arrested/charged with supplying substances now banned under the recently past psychoactive substances bill. (until recently these were sold as ‘legal highs’) There are a few issues that I think need to be raised:

1) Are these substances likely to just go to the black-market.. similar to ‘natural cannabis’ etc ?

2) If these substances are to be considered for testing (as per the legislation) what are chances that any of them will actually be passed for sale ?

3) As the Govt. has made it clear that ‘natural cannabis’ & all other substances covered by the ‘misuse of drugs act’ are not even to be considered for testing (to allow regulation) then are they saying that any substance that MAY pass the tests are less harmful ?
I have heard from several sources that ‘natural cannabis’ is considered much less harmful than ‘synthetic cannabis’ !?

This is totally irrational & a double standard. Whilst I do agree that a level of ‘quality control’ needs to apply to all things passed for consumption.. this appears to be just a further string added to the PROHIBITION bow, further strengthening the War on Drugs, rather than looking at alternatives to it.

I await further news…

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