Good News story

I just read the latest edition of the ‘Star’ local newspaper.. front page story : “Marijuana museum planned”. It outlines the recent opening of the new HQ for Aotearoa/NZ cannabis law reform activists.. “BRAVO !”

They are planning to present the public with current & historical information on the ‘war on drugs’ & their efforts to overcome.. the reporter interviewed some local business people; most were unaware or unconcerned about the ‘museum’ being established. Two comments published: ‘Alcohol is more harmful’ & ‘If cannabis was legal, it would remove the synthetic stuff from the streets’ BUT interestingly the local constabulary spokesperson stated that he intended to ‘visit the museum’ & gave the usual ‘prohibitionists stance’ that “Cannabis causes significant levels of social harm & a strong connection to organised crime” (methinks he should rephrase it: PROHIBITION has these effects.. NOT Cannabis)

A spokesperson for the museum stated that “there would be no cannabis smoked or sold in the house (museum)”
I for one, applaud their efforts to provide information & attempt to break the stereotypical nonsense that over 40 years of prohibition has placed into the mindset/psyche of a percentage of the general populace.

Again.. “BRAVO !”

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