USA dilemma

I listened to a USA ‘alternative’ radio program, last evening.. it seems the USA (leading the global drug war ?) has a real dilemma on its cannabis laws. I understand that their ‘federal’ laws state that cannabis is a ‘class 1, illegal drug’ of no known medicinal use. BUT there are 19 states that now, allow medicinal use & 2 states that now allow regulated adults-only personal/recreational use.
The news item mentioned that Pres. Obama has said that their federal law-makers have more important priorities to focus on.. sounded like he is NOT calling for the states laws to be over-ruled by the federal police/power-brokers ?

Again it sounds like the tide of the ‘drug war’ is turning, BUT here in Aotearoa/NZ the issue is mostly just swept under the carpet..  our police are still arresting & prosecuting about 10,000 people/annum (amongst highest levels in world, per capita) SHAME !!!

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