Another revelation

Listening to a USA radio show.. they were discussing another revelation, regarding the use of ‘sweeping up’ phone data. A reporter from a large newspaper stated that a colleague of his has seen information about a system called : ‘hemisphere’. It is run by a major phone company (in USA) on behalf of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency).
It was revealed that this company has been ‘sweeping up’ this data since the late 1980s & providing requested info. to the DEA, ‘as/when requested’ (without any other authorisation). The reporter stated that the DEA, after requesting the data, then received all logged data on their ‘target’ (including all numbers in & out of the ‘targeted number’).

It made it sound like the USA ‘war on drugs’ is a major priority for their law enforcement.. maybe ahead of all others : Murder, rape, violent assaults, robbery etc. ?

The reporter mentioned, that the priority appeared to be dealers/traffickers, BUT when you hear that the majority of arrests are for ‘possession’ (often small quantities of cannabis).. “it really makes me wonder”.

Having heard this ‘revelation’.. it led me to wonder if this ‘strategy’ is not just in the USA, but a global phenomena (under the ‘5 eyes – eschalon network’.. including here in Aotearoa/NZ) with amongst the highest level of drug arrests per capita ??

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