News from front lines

I was just reading some recent internet news.. ‘from the front lines’ of the global drug war. It seems that Ms Schapelle Corby (convicted Aust. drugs smuggler) is being considered for parole after serving nearly 9 years of a 20 year sentence in Kerobokan Jail, Bali Indonesia.

Ms Corby was arrested at Denpasar airport in 2004 with about 4kgs of Cannabis/’marijuana’ in a surf board bag. There was a lot of controversy around this story (including whether it was being used by other drug smugglers, ‘airport workers’ to move the drugs within Australia.. but was not removed prior to going on to Indonesia). It’s interesting that many other ‘western’ drug smugglers are often quickly forgotten.. BUT Ms Corby still makes news when there is an issue around her case. Many have said it is because she is a young, attractive ‘poster girl’ BUT many still believe that she is probably; innocent of the charges & was setup. I am not sure either way, of her guilt or innocence.. BUT I do believe that her case highlights the total injustice that the global drug war has created.
In many countries she would have likely got a couple of years in jail, for her ‘crime’ BUT in Asia, drug smuggling is dealt with on a par with murder/other violent crime (Death penalty or long prison terms) even for Cannabis (Class C drug).

I for one… send Ms Corby my best wishes & hope she is released soon..
“Kia Kaha (Stay Strong) Schapelle !!”

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