UK regulated cannabis market report

Just reading about a report released in UK, stating that they could make/save $billions if they moved away from the current regime : Prohibition.. to a regulated market (similar to alcohol & tobacco).

The following issues were mentioned :

1) Take the huge profits from unregulated criminal drug cartels

2) Save huge costs of prohibition : Police, courts, prisons

3) Tax from regulated sales

4) Move the focus to health care.. NOT criminalisation

Unfortunately these issues are not new.. the prohibitionists voices have been louder & more supported.. BUT maybe the tide is slowly turning, in light of the ‘global financial crisis’ that is crippling many western economies. The report pointed to the FACT that prohibition is in fact a failure & is NOT stopping drug use/trade, only creates the black-market & all the associated crime & harm.

I watched a recent interview here (in NZ) with the Govt. Police minister. The interviewer asked her why they were building a ‘private prison’ near Auckland (biggest city) in light of supposed decrease in overall crime figures. She just talked around this, not actually addressing it. There have been other commentators, saying it is really about making profit from locking up ‘criminals’.. interestingly here in NZ, the crime stat. that did go UP was ‘drug offences’. Is this the ‘market’ that this private prison is intending to focus on ?

There are calls here in NZ for a similar move, toward a regulated cannabis market (BUT it just falls on deaf Govt. ears), BUT it appears the ‘private prison market’ maybe getting their top priority ??

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