A question on Oil drilling

I recently attended a political talk/presentation on proposed deep-sea Oil drilling off the local coast. I listened to all the ‘facts & figures’ about how the world is already past the supposed ‘tipping point’ for a climate change disaster.. There was also a mention, that all the ‘easily available’ oil is; all but gone & that’s why the Oil companies are looking at moving further out into the seas/oceans. They talked about concerns, of Aotearoa/NZ suffering a similar disaster to the Gulf of Mexico ‘blowout’ which would be an environmental disaster in a country that promotes a ‘Clean, Green & 100% pure’ image. They said that due to the location (in the south pacific) it could take several weeks to get equipment here, to plug it & possibly years to clean it up ?!

The talk was followed by a Q & A session & I managed to get the opportunity to ask one.. “In a world that is addicted to fossil fuels, WHY not promote HEMP farming as a resource to produce biofuels ?” I was surprised at the round of applause & support for my question. There was one person who was in favour of clean/alternative energy, BUT did not think biofuels were a viable option (amount of land required to grow the biomass) !

The opposition MP (in attendance) said that biofuels were preferable to fossil fuels, BUT this current Govt. were only looking at fossil fuels. I mentioned that Hemp takes only months to grow & sucks up CO2 as it grows, thereby reducing the amount already in the air.

It would be great if his was taken seriously & became a global initiative !

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