NZ Police say “No to Medicinal use of Cannabis”

I read a recent newspaper story, that local doctors had written ‘notes of recommendation’ for medicinal cannabis use. The story stated that it is being recognised that Cannabis is of medicinal benefit for relief of pain & other conditions.. BUT the newspaper story made it clear that the local POLICE were not convinced/accepting of this position !
It’s interesting that the U.N. convention 1961 states that ALL drugs listed should be given exemption for medicinal uses (BUT cannabis has been ignored), I read that under section 8 of the current ‘misuse of drugs act 1975’ (still in force) there appeared to be a broad medicinal exemption.

Again I just wonder WHY the NZ Police are so staunch, in promoting a ZERO-tolerance regime.. even for medicinal purposes ?

Many countries, in Europe etc. are now allowing medicinal use of Cannabis, BUT here is ‘little old’ Aotearoa/NZ (where once it was widely grown) it is still seen as a crime & zero-tolerance is still promoted by the ‘powers-that-be’ ?

Its time to move past the B-S & ‘Reefer madness’ nonsense that many still promote !!

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