Another voice for change

I was listening to BBC world service last evening.. there was a brief news item; a report in Britain has concluded that the (USA-led) ‘war-on-drugs’ is a failure. It concluded that the streets of ‘the west’ were literally awash with illegal drugs. The purity has increased & the prices had generally decreased (proving that there is no decrease in overall amounts or usage).

They had a recorded statement from a Senior UK Police chief who stated “Whilst I do not support ‘drug’ use, Law Enforcement has had little effect at reducing it !” (paraphrased).

The reporter mentioned that there are increasing numbers of people calling for a ‘regulated/decriminalised’ drug market (similar to Alcohol/Tobacco).. past the 50% ‘tipping point’ ??

I was happy to hear this.. BUT still ‘all quiet on the Aotearoa/NZ front !’

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