Recommended reading

Over a decade ago, I saw a documentary about cannabis. There was interview with the author of the book I greatly recommend; ‘The Emperor wears no clothes’ by Mr. Jack Herer (RIP). I purchased the 11th edition & still read it often.. inspiring stuff.
I just found out that Jack’s book is now available online (free of charge). It is a historical record of cannabis/hemp & his (& others) assertion that the prohibition & ultimate war against a plant, was never really about controlling the ‘demon drug’, ‘assassin of youth’, ‘plant with its roots in hell’ etc. etc. as was STATED in the early 20th century.. but an economic war against the industrial uses of this ancient plant, which are mostly now made from polluting synthetics & other products that use, huge amounts of petrochemical pollutants (from fossil fuels – OIL)

‘Hemperor’ Jack stated that “Hemp can save the world” & challenged anyone to prove him wrong.. I support his words & challenge. Unfortunately the whole DRUG war issue & its propaganda B-S has totally clouded the truth about cannabis & especially HEMP. Read the book people & ‘WAKE UP’ !

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