Upcoming film ?

I just watched a 6 minute film trailer on YouTube, titled: ‘DRUG-LAWED NZ’. It’s a preview of a feature film/documentary.. I think its planned to come out 2014 ?

These things caught my eye:

1) Aotearoa/NZ has highest arrest rate in the western world; every 30 minutes approx. someone is arrested for cannabis (mostly possession)

2) The drug laws are strongly maintained by Police, but largely ignored by a majority of users, who break them on a regular basis

3) The Drug war was declared by USA Pres. Nixon (1970) after the 1961 UN convention became an international ‘treaty’. It became a global phenomenon soon after : WW-D

4) $Billions are spent to criminalise thousands of ‘drug offenders’ annually, but the war is effectively a waste of time & resources & CANNOT be won

5) A number of prominent people, including politicians have openly declared the Drug war, a waste of time. BUT as long as the UN convention is in place & the atmosphere of : Lies, propaganda, fear, misinformation & PROHIBITION are maintained there is no real end in sight.

May I suggest that you look out for this film ? tell your friends & spread the word !

“The War on Drugs IS a WASTE of TIME & RESOURCES & IS effectively UNWINABLE ! (by either side ?)”

Time to STAND UP & BE COUNTED…. I hope this film achieves more debate or further still political action. As I’ve mentioned before NZ has amongst highest usage rates & many polls show between 65-75% of adult kiwis support law reform (of natural cannabis !) but the current crop of MPs either ignore this or are running scared, in case it affects their careers.. never mind those whose career’s could be ruined by a criminal conviction (for cannabis possession.. approx. 10,000 per annum ?)

Addendum: I just listened to NZ parliament. They are debating legislation to amend the War Veterans entitlements. Wouldn’t it be nice if they made as much effort to debate the effects on those who suffer prosecution in the global Drug WAR ? (just my thoughts)

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2 Responses to Upcoming film ?

  1. Arik Reiss says:

    The documentary DRUGLAWED has just been completed and is available at http://www.druglawed.com – currently it has a perfect 10star rating on IMDb!

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