Yet More Misinformation

I was just reading an article on an international news blog site. They are saying that NZ is trying a new ‘experiment’ to regulate drugs (under the recently passed; Psychoactive substances bill). Interestingly many countries are moving toward natural cannabis law reform, But NZ is NOT ! (see point #2 below)

There are several comments from readers; varying from praise/support to scorn (by someone who has obviously looked into it) I support the comments of ‘scorn’. This bill is a knee-jerk response from NZ law-makers to the new range of synthetic drugs that are flooding onto the market. Two issues are pointed out:
1) these synthetic drugs are apparently MORE harmful than natural cannabis

2) natural cannabis was excluded from the new legislation (to avoid stepping on certain powerful people’s toes)

Another report states that even in the USA nearly 60% of adults support natural cannabis law reform.. BUT their law makers are also stepping VERY carefully.

I read one blog comments that points to the issue that is sometimes mentioned, BUT never widely discussed; (fear of retribution ?) NZ police/corrections are the leaders in maintaining Prohibition (why is this so ?).. maybe Job Protection.. BUT obviously not about harm reduction ! (as they often say)

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