Mixed message

I was just reading another news blog, titled : Legalization is NOT the way to end the Drug War. I prefer the word ‘Regulation’

The article says clearly that legalising ‘Marijuana’ will only lead to increased use, especially by youth. It says that in the two states in USA :Washington & Colorado that have already passed law reform, that usage is already on the increase. I found it fascinating that whilst many news items from Britain, Europe & even USA are saying the ‘drug war is a failure’; to read a story that seems to be saying the total opposite.

I then noticed that the writer of the story is one: Dr. R. DuPont (same surname as the chemical company, that has been alleged to have been involved in a conspiracy against hemp). I found it also interesting that research into this ‘conspiracy’ says that during these days (1930-50s) the actual plant’s name (Cannabis/Hemp) was almost exclusively replaced by this mexican slang name; ‘MARIJUANA’.. which this writer also uses exclusively in his story/article.

Could it be, that the fear-mongering, lies & propaganda to support prohibition, IS still on some people’s agenda (to maintain the Drug War against HEMP ?).. it looks like it to ‘little old me’ !!

We have to declare WAR on the Drug War ! If you are reading this.. ‘We are the Resistance’


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