Let’s cut the CRAP

I listen to radio, watch TV & read literature/blogs on the Drug War (have been for over 30 years). I, like many in my generation were hoping that after all these years, the truth would shine through & as the world turns & those from the  ‘hippy generation’ become the leaders (Politicians).. the War on Drugs would have ended.. BUT alas ‘NO.. not yet’.. in fact I still often hear, much of the CRAP that was going around in my youth (1970s). Still being perpetrated by certain sections of society & in authority, that are obviously benefiting from the war continuing !

Well I say “Let’s cut the CRAP !”

1) Prohibition is the only viable way to control ‘Drugs’.. CRAP
They tried it with alcohol from 1920-33 in USA.. it was repealed as a failure & cause of more harm than it resolved.. gangsters, black-markets, corrupt officials & violent crime (sound familiar ?)

2) Our aim is a ‘Drug-free’ society.. CRAP
Alcohol & Tobacco are the two most harmful DRUGS & little is being done to get rid of them

3) Cannabis is a ‘gateway’ that leads to ‘hard drugs’.. CRAP
Whilst it maybe true that many people who use ‘hard drugs’ may start on cannabis, the majority of cannabis users, do NOT go on the these other drugs. How many Heroin addicts, have also drunk alcohol & smoked cigarettes ?

4) Cannabis has a causal link to mental illness.. CRAP
Again it maybe true that some people who have mental problems may use cannabis, BUT this does not prove the drug caused their illness. Some maybe use the drug as a self-prescribed relief for their condition. It is often said that cannabis over-use in teenage years may effect the brain’s development & lead to mental illness.. if true, then this is the main reason to regulate & strictly control the drug. (Prohibition is doing no such thing). It it also widely known that many alcoholics suffer depression too.

5) If you legalise/regulate cannabis, it will lead to increased use & chaos.. CRAP
In countries like Holland (which has a strictly regulated, adults only market) there may have been a spike in use at the beginning, but once the ‘novelty wore off’ it returned to similar levels, prior to the law changes. Countries like NZ that have a zero-tolerance policy have apparently, even higher levels of use per capita than Holland.

6) There is ‘no known medicinal use’ for cannabis.. CRAP
In some countries, cannabis is now legally prescribed, for a raft of illnesses/conditions. Prior to the current ‘drug war’ regime, it was included in approx. 30% of known medicines in Europe, Asia & USA. Mother Aubert (NZ Nun) grew it in 19th century & marketed a range of medicines that included ‘cannabis extracums’

7) Law reform will send the wrong message to youth.. “drugs are OK’.. CRAP
My generation grew up with this zero-tolerance message too & it actually glamourised the drugs. To the rebellious youth it was a ‘badge of honour’ to break the drug laws. The current regime has done nothing to convince youth, that drugs are NOT OK.. Prohibition has actually made them more attractive.

8) The ‘war on drugs’ is working & having a positive affect on society.. CRAP
It has had the same effect as alcohol prohibition in 1920-30s USA (gangsters, black-markets, corruption etc.) The current regime makes drugs available to anyone (including children) with the money to buy them (from the local ‘tinnie-house’). Gangsters, graft & corruption are rife across all levels of society.

9) As long as the UN convention is in place, we cannot change the prohibition laws.. CRAP
The UN convention 1961 (preamble) gives exemptions to medicinal use & does NOT insist that personal use is to be a criminal offence. The main target of the convention is on controlling ‘manufacture, trafficking & supply’ of the drugs listed. The USA-led drug war has perverted the original intent !

10) It is NOT possible to have controlled & regulated market.. CRAP
Many countries (including Aotearoa/NZ) are not even prepared to try.. they are stuck with the ‘DEVIL they know’ mentality.. whilst countries like Holland, Portugal & even 2 states in the USA are trialling regulation & think it IS possible.. even an alternative to Prohibition

As was stated by Mr. Jack Herer (RIP) in his landmark book on the issue.. “The emperor wears no clothes” BUT as in the children’s story.. the majority of people fear the retribution of speaking out or standing up to be counted.. at least; let’s CUT the CRAP people.. its 2013 not 1970.

Time for an end to this WAR again people who choose ‘other drugs’ than Alcohol & Tobacco.. its called ‘Freedom of Choice’

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