Change of plan: Class A

I was listening to the radio last evening.. they mentioned that Denmark is the latest country to look at alternatives to Prohibition. They are intending to open ‘injecting rooms’ for Class A drug users. This will effectively legalise use. BUT they said that the supply will still remain illegal. “you can use it, BUT it’s still illegal to buy ?!”
There are several ‘western countries’ that now allow this, including Australia

Then they went on to say, that Britain is also considering trialling this, BUT they will supply the drugs (on their national health system) to ensure quality & take the trade away from the black-market gangsters. A great step forward !
Interestingly, the ‘top-cop’ who is promoting it, stated that the focus would still be on getting these ‘registered addicts’ off the drugs. He said that the current methadone programs were a failure & new methods were necessary.

There was of course one person who is strongly opposed to it.. saying that it was ‘promoting drug use’ & may just add to the number of addicts.. I guess some people are just so caught up in the zero-tolerance message, they don’t want to hear anything else !

Nothing was said about other drug classes (including Cannabis – class C) but any moves away from prohibition is positive, in my book.

Again (to clarify).. I do not promote Drug use, BUT I will never support/promote Prohibition as a way to stop it: Education, harm minimization & treatment should come first !!

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