Double standard again

Watching TV news, over the last few days; a couple of news stories that demonstrate ‘drugs’ double standards, caught my eye:

1) there are opposition political parties in Aotearoa/NZ, calling for the alcohol drink-driving limit to be reduced (in-line with many western nations). NZ currently has a limit of 0.8, many other countries are 0.5 Recent news stories are saying NZ limit is allowing many to drive ‘intoxicated’. The lower limit will apparently reduce the road toll significantly.. BUT some Govt. MPs are arguing against any change. Why is this so ?
Every year hundreds of people die/injured on the roads, from alcohol-related accidents

2) a while ago, there was a news story about a hot air balloon that collided with overhead power wires. It plunged to the ground.. I think those on-board died. The report into the accident has just been released. It is revealed that the pilot has traces of Cannabis (THC) in his blood & he was ‘likely intoxicated from the drug‘. The ‘authorities’ are now calling for mandatory DRUG testing of civilian pilots, including random & on-the-spot.

Whilst I accept that the report into #2 incident was probably fair.. there is an obvious double standard, when Alcohol intoxication is not taken as seriously & even being ignored my many ‘in authority’ !

All I’m saying is; that ‘Drug’ laws should be dealt with evenly.. a ‘level playing field’.. a drug, is a drug, is a DRUG ! Currently the ‘drug label’ only seems to apply to those prohibited under the ‘mis-use of drugs act 1975’ (MODA)

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