More news from frontlines

I was just watching a news item on Int’l news network. A ‘drug cartel’ boss from Mexico has been released after 28 years of a 40 year sentence for killing a USA undercover DEA agent.
The USA Govt. are ‘jumping up & down’ & have offered a $5mil reward leading to his re-arrest & incarceration. Interestingly the Mexican Govt. have announced that his release was unlawful & have overturned this decision.

There are also allegations that this Cartel boss did deals with the CIA to fund foreign military groups, with the profits from the drug dealing ?!

One has to wonder; how many people on the ‘wrong side’ of the drug war have been killed by DEA/CIA agents or Police & have any of these people, ever been prosecuted for unlawful killing ?
The sad thing is that people die in WAR.. the real question being; is this war justified (causing more harm & suffering than the effect of the drugs) ?

I recently saw a story on the same network; that NZ has amongst the highest incarceration rates in the world (similar level to USA per capita).. over 50% indigenous Maori(but only 15-20% of the total population). Many are on ‘drugs charges’ (costing $90k/year per inmate) surely this cannot be justified.. better spent on education, treatment & harm minimization ??

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