He did inhale

I’ve been hearing news reports on several local & int’l news networks, about the Canadian mayor (Toronto) who has admitted that ‘he did inhale’ (Crack, cocaine). He then went on to admit in recent days that he also purchased ‘illegal drugs’ within the last 2 years.
Many people are calling for him to quit his job. He has steadfastly said that he will not step down & whilst he ‘had made mistakes’ it was not stopping him doing his job as mayor.

I say “Good onya for having the ‘intestinal fortitude’ to admit this..“,  unlike Pres. Clinton & Bush who either totally denied illegal drug use or “I tried it.. but didn’t inhale”.. even though there were people close to them, who said they knew different.

It seems to me as long as ‘power brokers’ & others in authority continue to deny drug use.. the WAR on Drugs will likely just go on & on & on…… btw Alcohol & Tobacco are also DRUGS !
Global estimates show that about 50% of adults in many nations admit having ‘tried’ illegal drugs.. mostly cannabis. Which likely means the number is much higher (due to the number who refuse to admit it). “Stand up & be COUNTED people” As long as you hide in the shadows, the prohibitionists will continue to dominate the debate !!

This reminds me of the Bob Marley song “I remember when we use to sit in the Govt. yard in Trenchtown.. observing the HYPOCRITES as they mingle with the good people we’d meet !”

This is obvious in Aotearoa/NZ.. the current MP who is amongst the loudest voices, against law reform was forced to admit publicly, that he too had inhaled in his youth (cannabis).

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