Climate issues

I’m sure everyone who watches/listens to news, knows that the Philippines has been decimated by a massive cyclone in recent days.. this has been described (variously) as the ‘mother of all cyclones’. These extreme weather events seem to be increasing in both intensity & frequency.
The ‘climate change activists’ are calling for ACTION & the c-c deniers are still just denying it.. In between these we need to be looking for viable alternatives to burning fossil fuels. The obvious, is : wind & solar power etc. BUT having read about the ‘WAR on HEMP’.. I would strongly suggest that a return to using this bio-friendly plant is also essential, to remedy the situation. For over 5000 years Hemp was grown in massive quantities on nearly every continent, to make a raft of items (many I’ve mentioned in previous posts) BUT I read that they could STOP the Oil & Coal mining & replace it with Hemp-based bio-fuels (as was once proposed by Henry Ford – Ford Motor Cmpy.)

BUT it seems that it’s either easier to just continue on our merry way OR there are still industrialists blocking this initiative (political muscle)!

Hemp was grown all over the Indian sub-continent (local called ‘Bhang’) in places like : Bangladesh, Bengal etc. The plant thrived in areas with high rainfall.. BUT now these areas just suffer massive floods during the monsoon. The River delta in Bangladesh was once a huge Hemp/Bhang farming area (hence the name, roughly translates.. Land of Bhang/Cannabis/Hemp growers). BUT since the 1940s this stopped, when the USA Govt. decided to wipe it out, in their zealous global war against a PLANT !

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  1. Hi there, just wanted to say, I liked this article. It was practical.
    Keep on posting!

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