MORE Reefer Madness

I was just reading on another website that a Doctor in the NZ Drug foundation has stated that Cannabis use ’causes’ Schizophrenia ! The item says that this, is echoes of the 1930-40s ‘Reefer madness’ & other propaganda. If this doctor’s statement is true.. then I totally AGREE (its B-S) !!

No wonder there is confusion around the issue, when you get doctor’s & other health professionals pushing misinformation & clouding both sides of the debate.

I have read that there are definite causal links to mental illness.. BUT also linked to Alcohol & Tobacco too. The other thing I’ve heard is that out of a study of, say 100 cases, only a small portion had obvious negative side effects or worse case scenario, severe negative reactions (including links to mental illness) BUT this does not prove these findings. It only proves that there are SOME cases. Why are these studies taken seriously ? They are effectively dismissing the people who use cannabis, often long-term & appear to have NO harmful, negative effects/issues from it.

If I was in a position to do so.. I would have this Doctor struck off, for spreading this nonsense & propaganda !!

The other question being : “Is incarcerating Cannabis users, having a positive effect on their mental health ?”

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