Another mixed message ?

I heard about the Symposium (Cannabis & Health) that ran in Auckland recently. I have been trying to find some outcomes on the NZ Drug foundation website.. so far very little.
One thing has caught my eye: a survey on attitudes toward cannabis legalisation. This survey says that about 33% of those surveyed support cannabis law reform. I find this interesting, in that several TV polls in recent years have said that somewhere between 60-75% of respondents support cannabis law reform.. GO FIGURE !

Again, another mixed message.. there appears to be no doubt that NZ has amongst the highest levels of cannabis use per capita & also amongst the highest arrest rates. Other surveys have shown that over 60% of adult NZers (25-35 years age group) have apparently tried cannabis at least once. Estimates say about 20-30% use more often.. so why would ONLY 33% of the population, support law reform ? OR is the DRUG foundation deliberately trying to paint a certain picture ??

Methinks that it’s the same old story… you can pick figures from a survey & use them to prove anything, IF you present them in the right way, OR ask the questions in a way that gives the answers you are looking for !  It also depends on the ‘target group’ you are surveying e.g. if you ask people in wealthy suburbs, who they are likely to vote for.. you will likely get a majority from the ‘right wing’ etc.

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