Another double-standard !

I watched NZ parliament TV today, they are debating the first reading of an Alcohol reform bill.. to reduce the drink-driving limit for adults to 0.05 (similar to other OECD countries) BUT the difference being that anyone caught between the ‘new limit’ & the current one 0.08 will only get a $200 fine & no conviction (effectively a ‘slap-on-the-wrist’ misdemeanour). A recent current affairs program showed the effect of people driving at the current limit. The majority admitted, they were intoxicated & probably should not drive. BUT this bill will be unlikely to stop a majority doing so, for a small fine !

There was also a petition delivered, another calling for ‘synthetic cannabis’ to be outlawed in NZ. (currently regulated for sale, under a recent law change) BUT the NZ Govt. are still refusing to even discuss ‘Natural Cannabis’ law reform. I recently read that about 80% of ‘drug related’ convictions are for possession of cannabis (for personal use).. these people will just about ALL get a criminal conviction.

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