More from the front-lines

There have been a few major ‘busts’ recently reported on the news. The police bureaucracy are all crowing about their big successes in the ‘war-on-drugs’ :

1) A motorcycle gang was busted with LSD, Ecstasy, Cannabis & large quantities of cash.

2) A gang were busted in a popular holiday resort in the south island with supplying large amounts of ‘drugs’.. whilst Alcohol was freely flowing all around

3) A shipping container in Auckland was found to contain a huge quantity of the cold/flu medicine; ‘contac NT’ (precursor for meth-amphetamine). Several people were arrested with amounts of the ‘drug’ & a quantity of cash was seized.

All this really proves (once again) is that the black-market is filling a desire that many have to use these ‘illegal drugs’. That prohibition is NOT effectively reducing this market or the desire to use the drugs. I recognise that the police are ‘just doing their jobs’ BUT is it really just a complete waste of time & resources (a hangover from the 1970s).

Surely would be better used on : Education, harm minimisation & treatment. A regulated market sounds more rational, BUT few people are actually listening !

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