Stand up, be counted

Just watching the latest news item, on the saga of a famous TV chef (from UK) who is involved in the prosecution against her staff, who apparently ripped her off. BUT the media are making more news, from the allegations of her alleged ‘DRUG USE’. I was a little surprised that she has put her hand up & admitted to the allegations.. BUT stated frankly that her ‘use’ is NOT a habit or addiction ! I say “Good onya N.L !!” (name omitted)

It’s time more people had the guts to ‘stand up & be counted’ rather than either denying it or hiding in the shadows, hoping no-one will notice. e.g. ex-USA Pres. famously saying “I tried it.. BUT didn’t inhale !”. This is about as believable as Cheech n Chong or Bob Marley saying something similar.

Reminds me of a case, I heard about several years ago; a couple came home from work, to find their house had been robbed, then called the local constabulary. Upon their arrival they stated that ‘they could smell cannabis’ & invoked a non-warranted ‘drug search’. They then arrested the couple, upon finding a ‘small quantity of cannabis’. Nothing was said further about the robbery charges !

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