Sounds familar

I listened to a radio program, last evening.. one item was the 80th anniversary since the end of Alcohol prohibition in USA (1933). There was several issues raised:

1) There was a concern after WW1 about ‘public drunkenness’, which was causing all sorts of problems. The ‘solution’ was prohibition

2) They thought that it would reduce overall consumption, but found that it increased ‘binge drinking’

3) It lead to black-market ‘bootleggers’ & gangsters, there was also increases in violent crime associated with this.. gang wars

4) Large numbers of otherwise, law-abiding citizens were being criminalised for making & consuming alcohol

5) Huge public expenditure was being poured into maintaining the prohibition; Police, corrections, judiciary etc.

6) Many saw it as an assault on their civil rights

* sounds very familiar to me.. oh yes, cannabis & other ‘illicit’ drugs prohibition, is having exactly the same effects on societies… ALL over the world (for about 50 years) !

** at the end of the story, a commentator stated that ‘whilst alcohol consumption did still cause problems, a return to prohibition is NOT the answer & should not be considered again’ (paraphrased).. maybe time that the current ‘other drug’ Prohibitionists, took heed ?

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