Good news ?

I listened last evening to an international news network, they mentioned that Uruguay is set to pass law reform to regulate Cannabis (strict Govt. control).. there was the usual nonsense from commentators: will it make the current situation worse ? Well I ask them:

1) Is prohibition; reducing drug use ?

2) Is it reducing crime (associated with the trade) ?

3) Is it educating youth about negative effects of drug use ?

4) Is it reducing health related harm ?

5) It it taking the HUGE profits from Black-market gangsters ?

6) Is it providing medicinal use availability ?

7) Is it reducing the costs of keeping ‘drug offenders’ incarcerated ?

8) Is it making a positive affect on society ?

9) Are Police & Corrections seen in a positive light, as a result ?

10) Could the end of the drug war have more positive affects ?

Frankly, I’m getting fed up with asking these questions & trying to get my point of view across.. BUT sometimes it does require a SLEDGEHAMMER to crack some NUTS !


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