Stereotypical Nonsense

I watched a program about DRUGS; on a religious network recently. Talk about spreading ‘stereotypical nonsense !’

The host was talking about the apparent ‘effects’ of methamphetamine use:

1) showed several pictures of ‘meth users’, before & after shots. Most were fairly ‘normal’ in the ‘before shot’, BUT all were covered in sores, with messy hair & dirty clothes in the ‘after shot’. Methinks they are taking ‘hardcore’ shocking images, as if they represent ALL users. They never mentioned that most end up like this due to the prohibition, which forces many to resort to theft & even prostitution to get the money for the over inflated BLACK-MARKET prices

2) showed an ‘ad’ supposedly of a ‘normal’ teenage girl who said that she would rather have crashed her car (dramatised footage) than had ‘ gone to THAT party’ where she apparently first tried ‘meth’ & turned into an addict. No talk of honest EDUCATION.. just scaremongering

3) they showed several ‘police mug-shots’ of addicts. Very little was said about TREATMENT rather than : arrest & criminalise these ‘addicts’.. the current ‘options’

This is just typical of the garbage that they put about as representing ‘DRUG ADDICTION’, as if all people who try ‘illegal drugs’ become these hard-core types.. what a load of B-S.. seriously !

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