Recent news

I’ve seen a few news stories recently, about the changes occurring in Colorado (& Washington), USA & Latin America.. Law Reform: following the path of several countries in Europe

1) Colorado has legalised Cannabis, recreational use for people over 21. A dispensary opened, selling it…  there was a very long queue; on day one !

2) Uruguay has legalised Cannabis for personal use, apparently contravening the UN convention. Now I see other countries in Latin America are considering similar action !

3) Aotearoa/NZ has recently allowed a regulated SYNTHETIC Cannabis market, BUT is still standing firm on Prohibition of NATURAL Cannabis.. against the changes above. The powers that be here, are still treading lightly on any REAL law reform, instead preferring the ‘devil they know’ !

4) Australian doctors are apparently calling for Medicinal use to be legalised, inline with countries in Europe & 20 states in USA

Whilst it seems the tide maybe turning.. many are still resisting it…. OH DEAR !!

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