Law Reform NY

I listened to an int’l radio network last evening.. they were discussing recent drug law reforms. Apparently New York is the next USA city/state that will allow medicinal cannabis use. It was mentioned that once, Americas largest population centre reforms, the rest will likely follow. The main issue being, that their federal laws still support Prohibition !

It was further stated that the current prohibition was largely continued due to: misinformation about the effects of these drugs. This misinformation was mostly pushed by the DEA (Drug enforcement agency), in order to maintain the status quo, which they benefit from (job protection). Under the current USA federal law, Cannabis is deemed; a class 1 narcotic drug (of NO known medicinal use) BUT it was used medicinally for centuries, prior to the current regime & is increasingly being allowed, to be so again.

There are still many countries that refuse to remove the blinkers (including Aotearoa/NZ) & maintains a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy, regardless of changes occurring elsewhere !

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