More misinformation

Watching the local TV news show.. they gave a quick update on the situation in Colorado USA: (cannabis dispensaries)

1) contrary to many people’s expectations, there has NOT been a flood of NEW people, rushing ‘out of the woodwork’ to smoke cannabis

2) the majority of people who are buying the newly legalised cannabis, were already using it illegally.. only the status has changed

3) even the most ardent ‘nay-sayers’ are now admitting, that the ‘sky has not fallen’ as a result of law reform

4) the main issue, is that the licensed retailers have to grow their own product & are struggling to meet the demands… BUT as in Holland & other countries, they will likely find that there is a bit of a bubble (some buying more than they really need) & it may well not last.. the novelty will likely wear off in due course

5) many people who are purchasing the legal cannabis are coming in from other states to ‘partake’ of the ‘legal weed’ (still illegal in their states)

Fingers crossed that all the negative misinformation will soon end & this ripple will become a wave that washes the whole world.. including Aotearoa/NZ !?

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