Netizens against prohibition

I often wonder whether my words are making any difference.. once I hit ‘publish’. It seems that only a few people are reading my blog.. BUT I do take heart that occasionally I get notice that someone else is ‘following’ it. yeha !

BUT today I googled ‘end the drug war’ & see that there are literally millions of pages of blogs, youtube posts etc. & by far the majority, appear to be saying the same as I & I.. its time to END THE DRUG WAR !!!!

It seems that the Netizens of the world are screaming that the War IS a failure, is causing more harm than it resolves & its time to end it. e.g. a post saying that 175 famous & other ‘high ranking’ USA citizens have written a ‘joint’ letter to Pres. Obama, calling for the end.
Even U.N. officials (including Kofi Annan) have added their names to the global role of those saying this. Fingers crossed; 2016 (U.N. convention) will not just pass into history are the year that Prohibition was given the tick to continue…

To all fellow Netizens who are continuing to pour out your hearts.. “keep up the good work & KIA ORA KOUTOU KATOA, from Aotearoa !”

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