Frontlines Mexico

I was just watching a news item, from Michoacan state in Mexico. The police (in full military gear) have been sent in to ‘stamp out’ the ‘Knights Templar’ DRUG cartel. The police spokesperson was heard saying that they were not trying to stop people going about there everyday lives.. I say; what else is Prohibition, if not about stopping people living a part of their lives (drug use) ?

It’s interesting that 2 states in USA have just legalised cannabis.. BUT their war on drugs policy is still going ‘full scale’ elsewhere… including here in Aotearoa/NZ, where thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens are criminalised annually for personal use. Cannabis is widely sold by black-market ‘outlaw gangs’ (as a result of the drug war), but could be licensed & regulated, as synthetic drugs are !

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