Med-Pot use ignored

I just read a news item that a cancer suffer, who was using cannabis for its medicinal benefits, has had criminal charges for cultivation & possession dismissed by a judge in Aotearoa/NZ. Whilst it is good to read this, the news item closed by saying the judge warned the 67-year-old cancer patient, that any further charges would result in a PRISON sentence !

Two issues spring to mind:

1) The UN convention 1961 & the NZ misuse of drugs act 1975, both mention exemptions for medicinal uses. The Police, Judiciary & Legislators seem either, oblivious or are deliberately ignoring this. The ‘zero-tolerance, no known medicinal use… sledgehammer approach‘ seems to rule the day.

2) Many other western nations are now recognising cannabis’ medicinal benefits & have enacted law reform to allow its legitimate use accordingly, but Aotearoa/NZ, is not.. why is this so ? Surely if a substance is currently & historically proven to be of medicinal benefit, then this should be explored NOT just dismissed, due to misinformation, fear-mongering & propaganda, based on fallacies & blatant lies.

I also read that the whole issue of cannabis law reform in NZ, is running the risk of fracturing the ‘movement’; those who are staunchly pushing for NZ to ‘get with the program’ & demand law reform (as is now beginning in USA, Sth America & Europe) .. & those who see the ‘gently as it goes’ way, as a solution that will take effect in ‘due course’. (whilst annually, thousands of kiwis are dragged before the courts on minor cannabis charges) Well I say the ‘wait & see approach’ constantly runs the risk, of being trampled under, by the prohibitionists & others who have ulterior motives for maintaining the zero-tolerance, status quo !

I for one, am leaning in the direction of:  ‘fighting fire.. with fire !!’

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