More Scare-mongering ?

I caught the tail-end of an interview on Int’l news network, discussing the current situation with ‘legal Cannabis’ in 2 states in the USA (Colorado & Washington). The interviewee was saying:

1) The federal authorities are still strongly committed to their WAR-on-DRUGS policy, but unofficially are now hesitant to step-in & start prosecuting people in these states, as long as it is ‘under control’ ie not being shipped to other states, maintaining R21 age restriction, prosecuting anyone selling to underage people etc.

2) That a majority of Americans are still committed to the anti-drug stance.. BUT not with Cannabis. He went on to say, that the real issue was whether a strictly controlled regime would work, or whether eventually it would end up like ‘Starbucks coffee’ with an outlet on every corner.

I tend to think the last point is verging on Scare-mongering, the reality is under prohibition anyone with cash can buy illegal drugs (from gangs etc.) NO age restrictions. Any moves toward widespread legalisation would have to have controls (Regulation) as with Alcohol & Tobacco ! The real problem, as I see it, being over 50 years of lies, propaganda & scare-mongering (‘Reefer Madness’, ‘Assassin of Youth’ etc.) has gotten deep into the public psyche & will be difficult to break.. especially when it is still being peddled by many who oppose such law reforms.

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