This is a word, I think the world needs to look into:
‘Legally authorised ban or delay’ (according to my Collins dictionary)

Maybe we could have a series of these Moratoria on the Drug-War:

1) now that a few countries & 2 USA states have moved on it.. ALL other countries should take a collective deep-breath & declare a moratorium on arresting ADULTS for possession or cultivation for personal use (eg 4 plants)

2) the media pushing the misinformation that started this.. eg “Reefer Madness” type nonsense

3) ignorant people spewing prohibitionist nonsense, based on a total lack of real knowledge & creating prejudice as a result

4) judges imposing criminal sanctions on ADULTS for personal possession or cultivation.. especially PRISON time

5) schools pretending to educate students on ‘Drugs’ when in-fact they are just pushing misinformation & fear-mongering

6) politician using delaying tactics on further law reform, especially in countries like Aotearoa/NZ where recent polls show a majority of citizens support natural Cannabis law reform, BUT instead we got the ‘Psychoactive Substance Act’ allowing synthetic drugs ONLY !

7) Senior Police driving the debate, only because they are looking after their own interests (job protection)

8) interests groups (BIG Tobacco, BIG Alcohol, Pharmaceuticals) having access to corrupt ‘power brokers’ to maintain the status quo !!

9) random or targeted drug testing of employees (especially in areas that do NOT involve machinery or heavy industry, that could cause injury)

10) drug testing of unemployed beneficiaries, with the intention of cutting off their funds, ONLY on the grounds of returning a positive test

11) refusing travel documents to people convicted of ‘drug offences’ other than trafficking/supply (ie possession or cultivation of cannabis for personal use)

12) sanctioning registered medical professionals from recommending natural cannabis to those who may benefit from it

13) police conducting on-the-spot; stop & searches, just on suspicion of drug possession or use (“I can smell cannabis on you”) especially ‘people of colour’

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