Another Ban ?

I listened to a radio show, last evening.. the topic was whether ‘Energy Drinks’ (high in caffeine etc.) should be banned from sale to people under 18, similar to Alcohol & Tobacco. It was stated that youth who overindulge in these drinks are suffering heart problems & other physical stress.

I just wonder where this ‘nanny state’ nonsense will stop ? What next a ban on Tea/Coffee or perhaps contact sports or other sports that raise the heart rate & blood pressure ??

The thing I find fascinating, is that they keep comparing these items that are already banned (eg cannabis) or others in their sights, to Alcohol & Tobacco, BUT they would never seriously consider prohibiting these DRUGS, that are known to cause harm !

If they do place age restrictions on these ‘Energy Drinks’ are they concerned it could cause another Black-Market ? OH DEAR !

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