Narrow-minds to the fore

A couple of days ago, a political party in Aotearoa/NZ announced their renewed support for cannabis law reform (I applaud them), but already their potential coalition partner has effectively dismissed supporting it. (before the election campaign has hardly begun)

As a matter of interest, I have been reading the media blogs that are featuring the issue. Many have comments from the public.. I can hardly believe some of the outright nonsense I have been reading. This ranges from personal attacks & insults, to words that could well be quotes from the 1940-50s propaganda eg ‘Reefer Madness’ docudrama (now discredited as lies & misinformation).

I can only hope that this election does see the issue get some traction & even a ‘new govt.’ who will seriously look at law reform ? BUT going on the ignorance & fear-mongering already making the rounds.. I’m not holding my breath.

I guess the one unexpected positive is Pres. Obama making positive noises & other countries moving the issue forward.. maybe Aotearoa/NZ will the hint !?

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