Med-Pot in NZ

I was just reading some interesting ‘facts’ on another site.. It seems that in 2008 Aotearoa/NZ passed a law to actually allow Sativex (a NATURAL cannabis extract medicine) to be prescribed. The main stumbling post being that ALL prescriptions have to be approved by the Govt. minister of health !

I read that there has only ever been 48 approvals during this time, but only 4 (FOUR) prescriptions are current, mostly for treatment of M-S (multiple sclerosis).

According to the post, it costs $1300/month to purchase this medicine (not covered by current medicines discount; full cost : $5/item). It seems that many patients find it cheaper to buy ILLEGAL cannabis (aprox $300-400 per ounce..) HOW BIZARRE !!

Surely if this is being taken seriously, then it should be devolved to ALL registered Medical Practitioners & should be covered by the same costing regime as other medicines in Aotearoa/NZ OR is it just a political ‘hot potato’ that is still being labelled as ‘Marijuana’ (with connotations that it has ‘no real medicinal use/value’ (as has often been stated) ?!

This runs contrary to other ‘western nations’ that are moving toward recognising that Natural Cannabis DOES have medicinal value & is being prescribed in both the ‘raw drug’ form & as sativex, for a raft of illnesses & conditions. This includes in: Canada, Europe, Australia & 20 states in USA.

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