From Frontline ‘Legal Highs’

I’m still totally taken aback at this Govt. rationale to allow the sale of ‘Legal highs’ including Synthetic Cannabis… BUT still continue the prohibition of NATURAL Cannabis.

I just read on a NZ national newspaper site that security staff & police are reporting increased violence from people, apparently ‘high’ on these substances (regulated under the psychoactive substances act 2013.) The report stated that a security manager had seen people ‘lashing out’ at his staff, especially when they had mixed these ‘drugs’ with ALCOHOL. The story said that many people are now calling for the law to be reviewed & these synthetic drugs to be banned (again).

I keep hearing that there are two main issues to resolve:

1) if they ban the current ones, new ones will likely ‘spring up’ to take their place

2) banning any substance just leads to them going ‘underground’ to the ‘black-market’ as with the other ‘illegal drugs’

Well there is an obvious solution (in my mind).. listen to other voices (60%+) who are apparently calling for Aotearoa/NZ to take the hint from other western countries & REGULATE NATURAL CANNABIS !!

Methinks there maybe other things at work here.. Misinformation & Propaganda ?
In the ‘bad old days’ of ‘reefer madness’ etc.. it was stated by ‘a leading authority’ (the USA police commissioner) “that ‘Marihuana’ (sic) is the most violence causing drug known to mankind !” & that “Frankenstein’s Monster would die of fright, if it came face to face with MARIHUANA” etc. etc.
WELL: I can state categorically that in over 30 years of mixing with people who have used natural cannabis, (in varying degrees) I have never seen anyone become violent from JUST cannabis. It is widely known that Alcohol often increases violence in over intoxicated people OR those who mix it with other substances.

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