Misinformation, Debunked ?

Further to the news story.. ‘Death by Cannabis’

I read that several doctors have come out & said that “Cannabis ‘poisoning’ is unlikely to cause DEATH” (paraphrase) & that the death of the lady in UK was almost certainly caused by other factors.

BUT this is like the often stated ‘fact’ that Cannabis causes mental illness. In a study of people with mental illness, they discover that a portion used cannabis & they then go on to state “It MUST be the Cannabis” as opposed to the reality; that it may have been just a coincidence OR that they were using cannabis to relieve their mental issues/stress ! This is often confirmed (BUT often ignored) by the stats. that show that only a PORTION of cannabis users are linked to these illnesses & that Alcohol is also a major contributor.

Then again myths of ‘Marijuana !” sell more newspapers & get more sensational news headlines than legal drugs.

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