Human rights abuse ?

I was just reading that the U.N. has released a report on 155 human rights issues in Aotearoa/NZ. UP on previous reports.

The report is mainly around treatment of children, minorities, racial issues & other issues around poverty & this countries apparent lack of interest in addressing them !
The current right-wing Govt. has introduced laws to widen the gap between rich & poor. They also have put money into private ‘charter schools’, whilst closing public ones.

I think they could add another issue to the list, of human rights abuse : The WAR on DRUGS.. The Govt. has stated on more than one occasion that law reform is not on their agenda & that the public do NOT generally support it (“wake up.. many polls show >60% of respondants DO”)
Aotearoa/NZ has amongst the highest usage rate of cannabis per capita & also amongst the highest arrest rate, mostly for personal use & also for many who claim they self-prescribe Cannabis for treatment of many conditions, including : Pain relief.. BUT unlike many countries do NOT allow it to be used medicinally (in the raw, natural form) Still sticking to the out-dated misinformation, that as a Schedule 1 Narcotic, it has NO known medicinal use ?!

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