Climate change denied

I listened with interest last evening, to an Int’l news network.. one item was that whilst a majority of reputable scientists agree that human activity is contributing to climate change (shrinking polar ice caps & glaciers, rising sea-levels, acid concentration increase in the oceans etc.) BUT there are still others who try to affirm that it’s all just part of ‘a natural cycle & absolutely nothing to worry about’ !

This reminds me of the ‘scientists’ who stated that cannabis caused ‘Reefer Madness’ & a raft of other reasons to outlaw the plant.. if you give them enough funding, they will be able to ‘prove’ anything, regardless of the truth & especially IF they disregard evidence to the contrary.

One thing that cannot be denied, is that the cannabis plant (as HEMP) was widely grown up until the prohibition in 20th century. It was used to make: textiles, ropes, paper, bio-fuels, biodegradable plastics etc. etc. Whilst it grows it takes up CO2 (green-house gas). Most of these products are now made from: fossil fuels, wood-chips & cotton.. cutting down 100-year-old trees to make paper (Hemp takes months to grow) not only reduces a huge ‘carbon sink’ but also requires huge amounts of chemicals in the process (unlike hemp). Cotton also uses huge amounts of chemical fertilisers & pesticides (again, unlike hemp). Not only are these activities increasing the CO2 buildup in the air & water.. it is massively adding to the air, land & water pollution levels. Burning FOSSIL fuels, made of ‘locked up’ carbon is obviously increasing the CO2 level in the atmosphere (not a natural cycle). You only have to look at the atmosphere around planet Venus (with high levels of CO2) to see that it does contribute to increased temperature. In recent times it was stated that earths atmosphere recently past the 350ppm level (not known previously in recorded history)

I did read that USA politicians have finally allowed ‘Hemp trials’ to proceed. (as if it needs to be trialled). What it needs is massive investment & planting right NOW !!

As was previously stated by, probably the greatest Hemp Activist ‘Hemperor Jack’ (RIP) “Hemp can save the world” BUT if an effort is not made VERY soon.. it may well be too late !?

btw; Aotearoa/NZ & several other nations, do already have Hemp farms, BUT very strictly controlled/regulated & hardly a ‘blip on the map’

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